What Is the August Birthstone?

Written By: Vahid Moradi

August is an auspicious month with three dazzling birthstones – peridot, spinel, and sardonyx – allowing people born in August or shopping for an August birthstone to have multiple options. However, the peridot, a light green, cosmic, ancient gemstone, is the most popular August birthstone often found in volcanic lava in Hawaii and fallen meteorites.

Ancient Egyptians dubbed August birthstones "The Gem of the Sun" since these stones are very rare and ancient. In addition, most people associate light-colored peridot gems with light and cosmic extra-terrestrial powers. But what exactly is the August birthstone, and what makes it so unique? Read on to find out.

Why Is Peridot the Birthstone of August?

Peridot is a transparent gemstone of olivine, commonly recognized for its rich green color with a color range from yellowish-green to brownish-green. The gem also includes a slightly oily or greasy luster, making it one of the few gemstones with only one color – green. Because its olive-green hue creates an exquisite reminder of long summer days, it is considered the August birthstone.

Unlike most stones, peridot is rare and often found in ancient lava beds, since it is formed in the earth's mantle. Occasionally, the stone can be found in a pallasite, a unique meteorite that includes peridot in its iron-nickel matrix and from fallen meteors.

History and Meaning of Peridot Birthstone

The peridot stone belongs to a group of elite gems formed in the earth's mantle, with a deeper lime-green color like diamonds. The first stone was discovered in Hawaii thousands of years ago, making it highly connected to Hawaiian mythology and culture. Egyptians also consider it the most important gem, primarily found in the Topazios island – currently recognized as St. John's Island – in the Red Sea.

The term "peridot" was derived from the Arabic word "Faridat," which translates to "gem," while some people believe that the name originated from Ancient Greeks. Some historians speculate that Cleopatra's emerald collection might have contained peridot due to some similarities between the two stones.

Peridot was predominantly used for several centuries as a protective talisman to protect an individual from evil spirits and other terrors. In contrast, some people believed that the stone enhanced the medicine's impact until the Victorian and Edwardian Eras when it was linked with regality, power, and confidence.

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Physical Properties of Peridot

Peridot is a brittle gemstone with a hardness of 6.5 on the Mohs scale, making it susceptible to scratches and chips. Therefore, the stone requires adequate care when used as gemstone jewelry, mainly in simple engagement rings. Some elements that can damage peridot jewelry include hairsprays, makeup, and perfumes.

In addition, most people confuse peridot with emeralds, and others refer to them interchangeably. However, peridot stones have a high birefringence of 0.036 with an RI range of 1.65 to 1.69, while emeralds have between 0.004-0.010 birefringence with an RI of 1.566-1.600.

Peridot is also transparent with a greenish color which is well-saturated depending on the level of the iron content. These stones sometimes lack visible inclusions, but acquire an attractive vitreous luster once cut and polished. Peridots can also come in different shapes and cuts, such as cushion, round, and oval.

Where Is the Peridot Found?

The August birthstone, peridot, comes from various regions around the world, including Pakistan, Vietnam, the United States, China, Tanzania, and Myanmar. Moreover, some are found on meteorites that fall to earth, while other stones were primarily discovered in Peridot Beach, Hawaii.

The Egyptian Island of Zabargad is the oldest known source of peridot, where mining took place around 340-279 BCE. The island produced dazzling peridot that was prized for centuries and is still highly treasured today. The northern slope of Kyaukpon in Myanmar – a mountainous area near the Mogok – is another top producer of peridot birthstones. Peridot found in this region has a deep color and splendid transparency than most August birthstones.

In the United States, Arizona is the leading source of peridot due to the massive volcanic eruptions that occurred thousands of years ago. This August birthstone is largely found in the San Carlos Apache Indian Reserve, where Apache families used to mine for several decades.

Should You Buy a Peridot Jewelry?

Peridot is August's magical birthstone, believed to yield a wearer's influence and power. If you are born in August or need to wear a piece of peridot jewelry, here are some reasons to consider buying this August birthstone:

  • It has a history: Peridot carries a lot of history throughout the centuries, ranging from the Egyptians to the Romans, who used it for protection against enchantment, and in the Middle Ages, where it was worn for inspiration and foresight.
  • Ideal accent for summer colors: Due to its green hue, this August birthstone adds radiance to simplicity because the refreshingly lighter color matches cheerful reds, sunny yellows, curious blues, and crisp whites of summer colors. Typically, the gemstone shines brightly to complement the day's heat.
  • It's versatile: The peridot stone can be set into various birthstone jewelry pieces, including non traditional engagement rings, bracelets, and rings. Besides, it creates a stunning distinctive not when combined with silver and gold.

Generally, there are several reasons to consider buying a peridot gem, especially during the hot summer. Besides its subtle green hue, the stone is versatile, making it perfect for any piece of gemstone jewelry you might consider wearing.

How to Choose the Right Peridot Stone for Your Jewelry

While peridot is only available in green color, it is essential to consider various aspects before purchasing this August birthstone. Some key features to look for include:


Despite being a green stone, peridot is available in multiple shades of green, although the lime-green hue is the most famous gem. Pure green and yellowish-green peridots are rare, while those with a brownish hue are less desirable and valuable. Therefore, it is essential to budget for pure green peridot to buy the perfect stone.


Because these August birthstones are translucent, spotting inclusions and flaws is relatively easy. However, peridot used for August birthstone  jewelry often is clean, and if you notice any inclusion, it means the stone's value is low. In addition, smaller stones are often flawless, whereas larger stones may have inclusions, giving the peridot gem a dull and cloudy appearance.


Peridots are slightly fragile, making them easy to cut into different shapes. Besides, the transparency this August birthstone possess creates facets with increased brilliance. However, it is essential to note that peridots' fragility can cause serious cutting challenges, since the August gemstone can crack or shatter.


When shopping for the best jewelry gifts for a girlfriend or boyfriend the right piece is peridot, you will find most of these stones having carats below five. Therefore, the price can be quite low unless you purchase larger carat peridots.

Caring and Cleaning Peridot Stones

Despite having a hardness of 6.5-7, peridot is softer than most gemstones and requires utmost care to prevent scratches. This August birthstone can also burst under pressure; thus, it is essential to avoid setting it to high pressure. In addition, extreme temperature changes and household cleaners – such as sulfuric and hydrochloric acid – can damage the stone.

When cleaning a peridot stone, avoid substances that can damage and cause the stone to lose its shine. To clean it at home, add mild dishwashing soap liquid into warm water, stir using a spoon or finger, and carefully place your jewelry in the liquid. Soak it for 20-30 minutes and use a soft brush to remove the dirt.

Brush your jewelry while paying attention to the edges and sides, as well as loose prongs. Next, ensure you clean the lower section of the gem because the base of the mounting often contains a lot of dirt. Afterward, rinse it with clean water and dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners and steam to clean your peridot jewelry since it can cause fractures or discoloration.

If you need to store your peridot, keep them separate from other pieces of jewelry and stones. Besides, it is essential to shawl them with a soft cloth and enclose them in a fabric-protected jewelry box for better protection from other harder gemstones.

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Written By: Vahid Moradi

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