Pre-owned Vacheron Constantin Watches

Founded by Jean-Marc Vacheron in Geneva, Switzerland in 1755, the company is one of the world's oldest fine watchmakers. In the years leading up to François Constantin joining the company and officially making it "Vacheron Constantin" in 1819, Jean-Marc created the first complication and engine-turned dial.

Today, with an uninterrupted history, Vacheron Constantin is known to the world as a specialist movement maker - creator of exquisite luxury watches firmly entrenched in a legacy of technical and aesthetic excellence. Vacheron Constantin's every watch is an expression of the brand's motto of "Do better if possible and that is always possible".

The demand for pre-owned Vacheron Constantin watches is substantial among men and women who are looking for great vintage and estate watches; watches which will retain its value for years to come. A pre-owned Vacheron watch is an especially good opportunity to become the lucky owner of a vintage, discontinued watch - a real find in the world of fine watchmaking!

As a dealer for estate watches in La Jolla and San Diego, CJ Charles is proud to present our collection of pre-owned Vacheron Constantin watches, each of which is numbered and certified authentic as per our pre-owned watch program. Browse our selection to find a unique treasure. 

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