Luxury Quartz Watches

Luxury Quartz Watches

For the watch enthusiast searching for low-maintenance, highly accurate timepieces, there’s no greater luxury than a finely crafted quartz watch. And for those searching for the finest quartz watches, there’s no greater destination than CJ Charles.

Powered by batteries, crystal oscillator watches feature movement motivated by an electric current that runs through a small quartz crystal, sending vibrations to the motor. The result is known as quartz movement, characterized by the classic individual ticks of the second hand. Requiring minimal maintenance and providing superior precision, the high accuracy quartz watches in our curated collection offer wearability and enjoyment that’s second to none. 

Whether you’re drawn to simple, elegant styles or bold, statement-making timepieces, you can find the perfect quartz wristwatch among our extensive collection of luxury crystal oscillator watches. Our quartz watches are available in various styles, colors, materials, and quartz models in both casing and band. Select a quartz crystal watch with a silver or gold case to match beloved jewelry, or perhaps choose a steel case for a clean and casual look. Embrace the excitement of a printed multicolor band or experience, instead, the quiet luxury of a sleek, neutral style. 

Regardless of the design you choose, your high accuracy quartz watch will prove itself time and time again as a highly dependable choice. Visit our San Diego store to explore our selection in person, or enjoy overnight shipping when you make your choice online.

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