Genuine Gemstone Jewelry in San Diego

Genuine Gemstone Jewelry in San Diego

Whether you prefer fiery ruby jewelry or a romantic rose quartz, a cool emerald or an exquisite sapphire, you can find the piece that feels uniquely you amidst our premium gemstone jewelry collection. From refined pendants featuring a dazzling standalone gemstone to modern bracelets combining brilliant sapphires, rubies, and more, our luxury gemstone jewelry is sure to express-and elevate​-your style. 

We’ve curated a collection of stunningly unique and beautiful gemstone pieces, so it’s easy to find your perfect cut and style. Make a statement with a striking centerpiece, such as a marquise cut ruby surrounded by a dazzling mixture of diamonds, a green agate quartz set against white gold and black rhodium, or a distinctive sugar loaf cut sapphire in a bed of intricately wrapped side diamonds.

Care for a look of understated elegance instead? From a simple platinum gemstone necklace of oval cut sapphires to a solitaire pendant set in classic white gold, our fine jewelry in classic round and geometric cuts adds a luxurious touch to any outfit. With so much refined simplicity, these timeless pieces are perfect for a wide array of looks suiting your unique style. 

The perfect colored gems, set in a distinctive band or arrangement, is a golden opportunity to show off your personality. Thick or thin, minimalistic or showstopping, our varied designs are sure to speak to you. 

Exude boldness from every angle-around your neck, adorning your fingers, dangling from your earlobes, and draped softly around your wrist. You’ll find a vast selection of luxury diamonds jewelry, emeralds jewelry, rubies, and real sapphire jewelry, in classic designs and with modern twists on timeless styles. 

Find your perfect match at CJ Charles, with help from our customer service specialists. Our genuine colored gemstone jewelry is crafted with the utmost care, meeting the highest standards for quality and cut, no matter the style. With so many sparkling hues, it’s never been easier to show off your flair.

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