Pre-Owned Patek Philippe

Considered to be an ultra-luxury Swiss watch manufacturer, Patek Philippe was co-founded in 1851 by Polish watchmaker Antoine Norbert de Patek and French watchmaker Adrien Philippe, inventor of the keyless winding mechanism. 

While expanding its business via commissions, Patek Philippe also came to the notice of the aristrocracy, who then went on to become owners of Patek watches themselves. Some of these past owners were royalty like Queen Victoria and her consort Prince Albert, the king and queen of Denmark Christian IX and Princess Louise, the king of Italy Victor Emmanuel III, and the Sultan of Egypt Hussein Kamel.

Patek watches are noted for having their own in-house manufactured watch components. Since 1845, Patek Philippe has received over 80 patents for its inventions, across movements and timepiece design. Remaining, even today, a family-owned independent watch manufacturer, Patek Philippe continues to follow the visions of its founders and produces among the finest timepieces in the world, with a spirit of endless innovation and exploration.

A pre-owned Patek Philippe is a great way for men and women to own one of these exceptional timepieces at a slightly more affordable value. The estate Patek Philippe market is a treasure trove of vintage Patek models, mint condition discontinued collections, and even modern pieces.

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