Perpetual Calendar Watches

Perpetual Calendar Watches

Perpetual calendar watches, as watch enthusiasts know, represent the pinnacle of the watch-making craft. And you’ll find the pinnacle of these iconic timepieces in our curated collection.

Eternal style and eternal function. Perpetual watches evoke the elegant mix of permanence, continuity, and ease that one desires from a classic, high-end timepiece. With no need for frequent setting and resetting to account for the differing length in months, perpetual calendar watches benefit from ingenious technology that ticks just below the surface and is crafted with a day-night indicator. Men’s or women’s, automatic or manual, tourbillon or chronograph—expect your perpetual watch to deliver the highest level of performance and artistry.  

When you explore our collection of perpetual calendar watches, you’ll discover a wealth of varied pieces from brands with a history of excellence. Whether you favor dials in yellow gold, white gold, silver, or steel or bands in premium crocodile or durable nylon, you’re sure to find a perpetual calendar watch that suits your preference. 

No matter the exterior you choose, when you purchase a perpetual watch from our collection, you invest in a piece that will seamlessly complement your lifestyle and your wardrobe. All of our perpetual watches represent the height of luxury in the calendar watch-wearing world, serving as both beautiful, finely-crafted accessories and highly practical investments that need never be reset. 

To become intimately familiar with our collection, visit our storefront location in San Diego, or make your selection on our website to enjoy overnight shipping.

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