Real Emerald Jewelry for Sale in San Diego

Real Emerald Jewelry for Sale in San Diego

Add a splash of much-needed color with our real green emerald jewelry. There’s nothing like a perfectly cut emerald gemstone to help bring out your glow and elevate your look to the next level.

When you shop CJ Charles, you have plenty of choices for your go-to gemstone. Select from the refined simplicity of round cut emerald engagement ring and diamond stud earrings, the breathtaking elegance of a princess cut emerald ring, and the romantic appeal of emerald heart cut drop earrings. With these unique designs and so many more, you’re sure to find the perfect shape that speaks to you. 

And while the emerald may be the centerpiece, it’s not the only stunning detail to contemplate. Our high-end emerald jewelry comes in a near-endless array of bands, chains, and settings.

Opt for the luxury of our upscale Rivière collection, setting your emerald and diamond ring against a luscious yellow gold or white gold. Or, consider our tasteful multicolored patterns, including our exquisite gemstone bracelets featuring a variety of precious stones amidst polished 14k gold. Looking for some sparkle to match the emerald’s gemstone's vibrant color? Our diamond and emerald rings bring all the pizzazz you need. 

While our genuine emerald jewelry varies in carat weight and size, each gemstone is crafted with the highest standards for dazzling hues and luxurious brilliance. Rest assured you’re only receiving top-notch quality, whether you choose a lightweight, delicate emerald pendant necklace, bracelets, engagement ring or a showstopping gemstone-studded ring.

Torn between these exquisite emerald jewelry pieces? Can’t decide which emerald pendant design speaks to you? Speak with a member of our team, either in-store or online, for a valuable second opinion. With a discerning eye and years of experience in jewelry curation, our attentive staff is ready to help you find the perfect piece. With the best real emerald jewelry for sale, that special pop of color is right at your fingertips. 

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