Pre-Owned and Used Breitling Watches

Today held to be a specialist in technical watches and a leader in the chronograph complication, Breitling wristwatches first came to be in a store in  Saint-Imier, Switzerland, courtesy of Leon Breitling in 1884. Having put tremendous focus on meeting every requirement of its core target, the aviation and diving worlds, Breitling has earned itself the lofty title of "Instruments for Professionals". Nowadays, these dive and aviation watches are more commonly seen on the wrists of the successful and influential as a luxury brand, however, Breitling still hasn’t strayed from its initial mission to provide unwavering performance.

What Makes a Breitling Watch Unique?

With their large dials and signature appearance, Breitling watches are recognized on sight around the world. And its proud bearers are immediately identified as men and women of action - people who need the best from their Breitling timepiece and get it! Variants like the Breitling Chronomat, the Breitling Chronograph, and the Breitling Navitimer all can come in highly unique styles including stainless steel bands, specific movements, and more. Substantiated by its ambassadors and accolades from real-life pilots and divers, adventurers all, it's clear that Breitling gets the job done!

The kind of technical precision that Breitling offers come at a price. The estate watch market, however, where demand for pre-owned Breitling watches is constant, offers these amazing fine timepieces at a price that is more affordable and consequently, more accessible to Breitling fans everywhere! And with the love, these used Breitling watches engender, even in its journey from one owner to another, there is no doubt these technical watches will always be in great shape.

Used Breitling Watches for Sale at CJ Charles

As a dealer for estate watches in La Jolla and San Diego, CJ Charles is proud to offer you a fine selection of used Breitling watches for sale. Each of these Breitling timepieces is numbered and certified under our pre-owned watch program. If you are looking to add a Breitling watch to your collection, CJ Charles Jewelers is here to help. Browse our collection of luxury watch brands and designers and get your very own "Professional Instrument" today!

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