14 Non-traditional Engagement Rings

Written By: Vahid Moradi

An engagement ring is an important jewelry piece representing an important milestone in a relationship. Before you get an engagement ring, you must know your partner's style and preference because it's a piece of fine jewelry they'll wear for the rest of their life when they say "yes." 

Simple Engagement rings are now transforming from ordinary-looking diamonds to the less traditional or non-traditional ones that are unique and more daring. As time passes, the style and design of engagement rings have also gotten more unconventional or non-traditional. 

There are many diamond engagement ring choices, from ordinary classics to various stones in every size, color, and shape. You can select from colored gemstones to daring orientations and unusual settings with genuine works of art. If you're looking for non-traditional engagement rings or something besides a diamond ring, you've come to the right place. Here's a list of the top engagement rings for your non-traditional bride. 

Non-traditional Engagement Rings 

Before you even look at the non-traditional engagement rings, what exactly is a traditional engagement ring? If you're used to seeing ordinary diamond engagement rings, you might be wondering what a non-traditional or unconventional engagement ring is. While the average ring has a clear center stone, usually a diamond, non-traditional engagement rings are often based on personal style and preferences. One can opt for an engagement ring with more than one gemstone or a more vintage design. 

Many millennial couples are now ditching the traditional engagement rings. They are now going for non-traditional rings that offer a unique style and don't necessarily adhere to classic or conventional ring designs. The non-traditional engagement rings stand out from other rings and allow people to showcase their style. 

At CJ Charles, couples have a wide selection of unique, non-traditional rings that can fit everyone's unique taste. The common ordinary-looking diamond engagement ring has been replaced by rings made with unique, daring designs and precious stones such as sapphires, quartz, moonstone, yellow diamond, ruby, crystal, opal, and more. You can also find synthetic options such as lab-created stones are also available, and they offer the same beauty, not forgetting they offer affordability to every budget. 

Most millennials want to express themselves through their uniqueness, and more bold and unique non-traditional engagement rings allow them to do so comfortably. Here's a list of the top non-traditional engagement rings that might interest you. 

Emerald Non-traditional Engagement Rings 

Emeralds are precious gemstones that hold different symbols and meanings. Emotionally, emeralds are considered symbols of love, new beginnings, vitality, and spring. They're also considered to symbolize a strong connection and a faithful relationship. It's, therefore, no surprise that emeralds are one of the most common non-traditional engagement rings or promise rings. Here's a list of the top emerald rings to consider: 

  1. Emerald Heart Center Diamond Ring: This stunning ring is crafted with an estate 18k yellow gold set and completed with a heart-shaped emerald center. It also features round and princess-cut diamonds to bring out an amazingly bold statement. 
  2. Platinum Emerald Diamond Bypass Ring: This is a statement ring, great if you're looking for an elegant non-traditional ring design. This estate platinum ring features a dazzling round-cut diamond weighing 2.40cts and a round statement emerald weighing 3cts. It also features eight baguette side diamonds that weigh 0.88cttw. 
  3. Platinum Colombian Emerald Bypass Ring, GIA Certified: This classic ring boasts two Colombian emeralds set in an 18k yellow gold to weigh approximately 2.42cts. The ring features 14 baguette diamonds that weigh about 0.75cttw.  
  4. Estate Platinum Emerald Diamond Ring, GIA certified: This unique ring features an emerald center weighing 2.01cts prong-set carefully in an 18k yellow gold. It also has two side diamonds that weigh a total of 1.2cttw. This platinum ring is excellent if you're looking for a non-traditional engagement ring that screams elegant, clean, and minimalistic. 
  5. 14k White Gold 0.15ct Emerald and 0.04ct Diamond Art Deco Ring: This ring brings a classic, simple, and elegant personality. It's uniquely crafted with 14 karat gold with an art deco-inspired design. It features an emerald weighing about 0.15cts and eight diamonds weighing about 0.04cts. It has an SI1 clarity and G-H color. 
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Sapphire Non-traditional Engagement Rings 

Sapphires are categorized as corundum, and their elemental makeup is a lot similar to that of ruby. However, these unique gems are characterized by their blue color. The blue coloring is brought by iron in the sapphire structure. CJ Charles has a wide variety of sapphire rings, including those made from a combination of several precious stones to make them unique from the traditional ones. 

  1. 18kt White Gold Blue Sapphire and Diamond Double Flower Open Ring: This is a classic non-traditional ring that is carefully crafted with 18 karats white gold decorated with two flower motifs featuring six blue sapphires that weigh 1.08 ct total weight. The diamond weighs a total weight of 0.21 carat. 
  2. 18kt Rose Gold Diamond & Pink Sapphire Crossover Ring: This classic crossover ring is fashioned from a polished 18 karat rose gold, set with 10 vibrant pink sapphires and 14 colorless diamonds. The rose gold cushioned in the center symbolizes love and happiness, an excellent piece to give your significant other as an unique engagement ring. 
  3. Estate Marquise-Cut Sapphire Ring: This classic estate 14 karat yellow ring is a gold ring decorated with a center sapphire with 12 set diamonds in the ring band, a great piece for a person obsessed with non-traditional engagement rings.  
  4. 18k White Gold Quatrefoil Sapphire Diamond Ring: This quatrefoil sapphire ring is carefully crafted using a center quatrefoil sapphire with a diamond-encrusted shank. This classic ring's sapphire weighs 0.95cts while the diamonds weigh 0.19cttw. 
  5. 18k White Gold Sapphire and Ruby Floral Bypass Ring: If you're looking for a classic and bold non-traditional engagement ring, this ring is a perfect choice. It's a gorgeous ring with a floral motif composed of sapphires weighing 2.27ctw and rubies weighing 0.77ctw in an 18kt white gold bypass setting. The vibrant decorative sapphire flower is pear-shaped, with a brilliant round-cut diamond set at the center. 

Ruby Non-traditional Engagement Rings 

We're seeing more precious stones adorning left hands in the place of the traditional diamond, and ruby engagement rings are just one of them. More ladies are now embracing the non-traditional center stones and styles for their rings. 

Rubies are stunning and vibrant gems with a gorgeous hue touch from chromium. Ruby engagement rings can easily be identified by their chroma, which is bright red. These gems belong to the same family as corundum, also called sapphires. That said, many people prefer non-traditional engagement rings made from rubies because they're associated with love, passion, wealth, good fortune, prosperity, and strong emotion. 

Some even believe that ruby stones are protective. When you give your fiancée a ruby engagement ring, it's believed that you pass them these feelings. Whatever message you want to convey, rest assured that a ruby engagement ring passes along a strong statement. Here's a list of the best ruby engagement rings sold by CJ Charles: 

  1. 5.98ct Ruby, AGL certified Ring: This non-traditional ring has a center cushion of a 5.98ct antique-cut pure Thai ruby. It's designed with triangular-cut shining diamond side stones that weigh 0.60cttw in total, all set in an 18k yellow gold estate ring. 
  2. Antique 2.46 ct Ruby Ring, AGL certified: This iconic non-traditional antique ring is a no-heat Thai ruby ring. This ring features a stunning, unique ruby center weighing 2.46ct. It also comes with an AGL certificate document showing that the ruby has not been heated and has a Thai provenance. The elegant antique ring also features side diamonds that weigh 1.32cttw. 
  3. 18kt Rose Gold Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring: This 18kt non-traditional ring is designed with a 0.73ct ruby center stone, carefully framed by a double diamond halo setting. The inner 18kt includes a rose gold halo setting with 11 cut diamonds and is complemented by an outer pave diamond halo. It's a unique, non-traditional ring that stands out from the traditional diamond engagement rings. 
  4. 18k White Gold 0.27ct Ruby and Diamond "X" Ring: This ring is elegantly crafted with 18 karats in the shape of an "X." It has a ruby center weighing about 0.27cts with diamonds around the band, about 0.07cts in weight. 

Find a Non-traditional Engagement Ring That Supersedes Extraordinary With CJ Charles 

Let your partner express their uniqueness through their engagement ring when you buy an engagement ring at CJ Charles. Rather than buying a traditional engagement ring with a simple diamond gemstone, a non-traditional engagement ring is specially crafted with a personal style. For instance, the 18K white gold with diamond cluster marquise halo ring combines two stones to create a unique, elegant piece. 

A non-traditional engagement ring gives women with unique and out-of-the-ordinary styles and personalities a way to express themselves. If you want a unique ring representing your personal style, the life you want to build, and your unique love and special connection, CJ Charles will allow you to express yourself. You can contact us or visit our engagement rings San Diego showroom and peruse our extensive selection of unique, non-traditional engagement rings.


Written By: Vahid Moradi

Vahid Moradi’s lifelong passion, dedication, and commitment for the jewelry industry led him to become the respected owner of CJ Charles Jewelers in 1988. From that moment, Moradi’s single focus in business was to become recognized as the pinnacle of value and world-class quality in the his Community. Over 34 years later, CJ Charles continues to grow and thrive as a successful, family-owned business that consistently provides exceptional service to all their clientele.



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