Tips on How an Engagement Ring Should Fit

An infographic on quick facts about engagement ring sizing.

Written By: Vahid Moradi

Finding the right fit for an engagement ring is an essential part of getting married. Everything from your fiance to the dress you're planning on wearing, ensuring that things fit as they should, is all part of the preparation process. Now you're probably wondering, “How should an engagement ring fit?”. Finding the perfect engagement ring fit is easy with CJ Charles, so let's find you a ring that fits perfectly!

An engagement ring is classically worn on the left ring finger in between the second and third knuckle. The sizing of engagement rings is complicated due to differences in finger shape and ring style. But for the most part, an engagement ring with a good fit should fit snugly enough that the diamond remains centered on the finger but loose enough that it can be spun and twisted around the finger itself with only a moderate amount of friction. 

Traditionally engagement rings have a thinner band however today we are seeing many different settings and band widths. A thin band will feel larger on the finger than a wider band of the exact same size.  

It is important to seek the advice of a professional jeweler regarding the fit of your engagement ring. While a ring may feel too loose, a jeweler will be able to use a ring sizer to verify whether or not the ring is, in fact, the perfect fit for your finger.

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Should My Ring Ever Feel Tight?

While it is not the end of the world if a ring ever feels a little loose, your engagement ring should never feel too tight. A ring that is too tight can cause discomfort, indentations in the skin, and even circulation issues.  Often the knuckle is the largest part of the ring finger and the size of your ring is guided by what fits comfortably over your knuckle. Also, stacked rings will feel tighter when worn together, just like a thicker band would, so consider a half size up if you are planning to wear bands on each side.  

How Do I Measure My Ring Size?

A printable ring size guide.

Our printable ring size guide is a great way to get a rough estimate of your ring size. However, the best way to measure your ring finger size is with a professional jeweler at a jewelry store. 

Using a trained eye, a ring gauge set, and a classic ring mandrel a professional jeweler can tell you your ideal ring size. The best rings are the ones that both snugly hug your finger without drawing your attention to the fact that you are wearing a ring. 

If sized properly, your engagement ring will be comfortable and secure, and a professional jeweler can help you find the perfect fit!

What If My Fingers Swell?

Fingers naturally swell and shrink depending on circumstances like the temperature and season, water retention, sodium levels in the blood, and even stress. While some people experience radical swings in swelling and shrinking, for the most part, these phenomena are minimal.

Swelling and shrinking are perfectly normal and can happen over the course of a day. Most people notice that their ring is loosest in the morning, and tightest in the evening, especially after a salty dinner! 

When deciding on your ring size, it is usually best to measure your finger in the morning, afternoon, and night to get an idea of your average size. For those who want to ensure they are finding the optimal size, measure morning, afternoon, and night for several days. Take the averages over the multiple-day period to find the size that best encapsulates your weekly average. 

What If My Ring Size Changes?

Most people don't need their ring size changed too many times throughout the course of adulthood. While certain events can cause a ring size to change, like weight gain/loss, your ring size will typically remain constant.

If your ring size does change, having a ring resized is no problem for a quality jeweler. Resizing a ring is not only common, it often affords a unique opportunity to upgrade the band or add to the original design of the ring!

Will My Engagement Ring Fall Off My Hand?

Not everyone who wears an engagement ring is necessarily used to wearing rings. And for most everyone who wears an engagement ring, you have likely never worn a ring on this particular finger. This is why you should gain an understanding of how to choose an engagement ring that is right for you and account for the many different styles of engagement rings

Finding the right fit will ensure that your engagement ring doesn't just fall off. Even with swelling and shrinking, a properly fitted ring will ensure that you can wear your ring in any circumstance without worrying about it coming off. 

A properly fitted engagement ring will snugly fit your hand to the point that you can shake your hand, and the ring will not move past your second knuckle. Most of the time, the second knuckle acts like a goalie, keeping your ring from slipping off. 

Whether you have a hand in picking out your ring or being surprised by a proposal, selecting the correct engagement ring is an exciting process. An engagement ring is designed to be worn immediately, so finding the correct fit is crucial in selecting the perfect ring. 

If you are selecting an engagement ring for someone else, be certain about their size. Call friends and family, get creative with how to secretly measure your fiance-to-be's finger, but do not guess! 

Working with a jeweler can turn the process of finding the perfect fit from a stressful experience into a delight for you and your betrothed. The best way to find your fit is to make an appointment with a CJ Charles jeweler for a fitting appointment. Contact us online or visit one of our shops today to see why we’re one of the best San Diego jewelers!


Written By: Vahid Morai

Vahid Moradi’s lifelong passion, dedication, and commitment for the jewelry industry led him to become the respected owner of CJ Charles Jewelers in 1988. From that moment, Moradi’s single focus in business was to become recognized as the pinnacle of value and world-class quality in the his Community. Over 34 years later, CJ Charles continues to grow and thrive as a successful, family-owned business that consistently provides exceptional service to all their clientele.



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