IWC vs Rolex: Which is Right for You

A comparison chart of IWC watches versus Rolex watches.

Written By: Vahid Moradi

Need help deciding which of these two watches better suits your needs and style? Never fear, CJ Charles is here to help you decipher whether the timeless look of a a used Rolex for sale is better for you, or if the elegance of an IWC Schaffhausen is more your speed. 

At CJ Charles, we have a myriad of pre-owned Rolex and IWC watches for sale. We also offer pre owned IWC watches. Read our article answering the question, “should I buy an IWC watch,” for more information on the brand.

Let’s look at some of the reasons these two luxury watch brands are part of an elite category of world renowned time pieces in an effort to better understand whether an IWC Schaffhausen or a Rolex is the best watch for you!


Defining Characteristics

Rolex has a long standing history of using precious metals to craft their superior watches. While there is obviously going to be a difference in the overall value of the watch depending on whether the watch is steel, gold, or platinum the inclusion of only the finest raw materials is absolutely a defining characteristic of this particular luxury watch brand. 

In addition to the fine metals used to craft the exterior of the watch itself, items like diamonds, mother of pearl, or other precious stones are often used as accent pieces on Rolex watches. 


The standard cost of a Rolex is anywhere between $6,000 and $20,000, with some of the more elusive models costing much more.

One of the greatest aspects of a Rolex is the variety of options in a multitude of price ranges. For example, the difference between a rose gold and steel timepiece can result in a significant price difference.  

Even those who spend up on a Rolex are rewarded with a luxury watch that is of equal or greater to some of the world’s most gaudy luxury brands. The Rolex difference is the perfect marriage of price, name recognition, and the ability to be worn day in and day out without hesitation or concern. Whether you have a Rolex Oyster Perpetual, a sapphire crystal protective glass, a chronograph watch (see our guide on how to use a chronograph watch), or a standard submariner–you will always be happy with your Rolex. 


For those seeking a watch that can truly do it all, Rolex is the ultimate daily use luxury watch. A Rolex is crafted from some of the most valuable precious metals by only the most skilled watchmaker professionals with the intention of being worn every day. 

The Rolex was designed to go straight from a board meeting in a conference room to 18 holes on a golf course without missing a beat. Even going for a swim or a hike is no problem for a Rolex. 

IWC: The Ideal Watch For Collectors and Watch Enthusiasts

Defining Characteristics

IWC Schaffhausen is committed to using only the finest core materials with seamless mechanisms making them a true tour-de-force for creating stunning watches with high end complications . 

Known for their in-house Seven Day automatic movement and their Perpetual Calendar developed by Kurt Klaus.With its ease of use and sophisticated movement IWC has captured the true essence of elegance and sophistication.  


IWC Schaffhausen ranges in price from $4000 - $13,000 but their high end watches and custom pieces come with a much steeper price tag. IWC Schaffhausen is similarly priced to its luxury watch counterparts but it outshines almost all of its contemporaries in terms of the integrity of the internal components. 


IWC watches tend to be understated in all the right ways, and are well known for being iconic and timeless. Using simple and elegant designs, IWC places an emphasis on the internal quality of the mechanisms they build. As such, IWC is notorious for being one of the world's most accurate watches. 

With impeccable accuracy comes lauded reputation both of which make IWC Schaffhausen an ideal choice for any use which requires precise time keeping. Whether it’s a pilot’s watch, racing watch, dive watch, or even a daily wear watch, IWC’s reputation for precision makes them an automatic choice for any person, or activity, devoted to perfection. Also, if you are interested in learning more about what is a Pilot watch, we’ve written about this topic in detail on our blog. 

The In-Person Effect

While this exercise in comparisons certainly helps to establish some initial parameters for your decision making process, the best way to decide between two elite brands of luxury watches is to try them on in person. 

At CJ Charles our team of luxury watch brand experts can help you select the perfect luxury watch for your needs, lifestyle, and personal preferences. 

IWC and Rolex are both fantastic brands, each one with their own particular advantages. Embrace the advantages at your disposal and contact CJ Charles for the best possible assistance in choosing between these two incredible luxury watch brands. 

Written By: Vahid Morai

Vahid Moradi’s lifelong passion, dedication, and commitment for the jewelry industry led him to become the respected owner of CJ Charles Jewelers in 1988. From that moment, Moradi’s single focus in business was to become recognized as the pinnacle of value and world-class quality in the his Community. Over 34 years later, CJ Charles continues to grow and thrive as a successful, family-owned business that consistently provides exceptional service to all their clientele.


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