How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring doesn’t need to be complicated or scary. In fact, choosing the perfect engagement ring should be one of the most exciting times in your life. This diamond ring not only represents one of the biggest life choices you’ll ever make, but it also symbolizes a love and commitment that is meant to last forever. No other modern symbol represents love, commitment, and hope like a diamond engagement ring. 

Don’t let the gravity of the situation ruffle your feathers! There is nothing to be scared of when it comes to popping the question, and there is certainly nothing to be intimidated by in regards to the ring itself. Yes, the engagement ring is an incredibly special piece of jewelry, but most engagement rings tend to fall into only a few select categories of style and shape. 

While you should maintain some reverence about what you’re doing, you don’t need to psych yourself out either! Whatever ring you choose will be given with great love and the purest intentions, making whatever ring you choose the perfect ring for the occasion.

With all that said, we are here to help you choose the perfect ring. Here is everything you need to know about how to choose an engagement ring!

Where do I find a ring

The best place to find, shop for, and buy an engagement ring is with a certified jeweler like CJ Charles. Aside from diamonds being a potentially risky commodity, engagement rings from shady sources can be easily manipulated to create the appearance of a quality diamond. The cardinal rule of selecting an engagement ring is this: if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

Discount engagement ring shopping can leave you with a counterfeit ring, a stolen item, or a ring that is sub-par in quality, and any reputable jeweler will tell you the same thing. When it comes to engagement rings, buy a ring from a certified jeweler, so you know it’s the real deal.

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What about buying rings online?

While we certainly prefer that you do your engagement ring shopping with CJ Charles, we feel strongly that you should avoid buying your ring online. 

It may seem like a great idea, especially if the ring comes with an alluring price tag, but engagement rings can be tricky, and they need to be seen up close and personal before you decide to buy. Even with some big-name engagement ring companies, the ring you see online is not always what it appears to be. 

A picture of a ring on the internet could be photoshopped, enlarged, or brightened to make the ring appear more enticing than it is in person. Sometimes if you read the fine print below the picture, you can even see something to the effect of “ring pictured is not the actual ring you will receive.” 

Because this is often a substantial purchase, do yourself and your fiance a favor and avoid online shopping the same way you would avoid buying from an unlicensed jeweler. You will benefit from the advice of an expert jeweler to work within your budget to achieve the look and style you want. Additionally, you’ll have someone to work with throughout the process of building your engagement ring and beyond. The best way to choose an engagement ring is to do so in person with a licensed jeweler. 

More than the sum of its parts

When choosing an engagement ring, you must remember that you are choosing a cohesive piece of jewelry, not just one part of the ring. A well-made engagement ring will be stunning because of the ring in its entirety, not just because of one or two stunning features. The beauty of a ring comes down to the craftsmanship, quality, and subtle finishing features that set it apart.

When selecting an engagement ring, you are looking for an “X-factor” where the ring is somehow greater than the sum of its parts. This means that the style, shape, diamond selection, and accents are all part of a greater goal instead of competing for individual attention.

There is a unique combination for each personality and our experts at CJ Charles can help you find a ring that truly is greater than the sum of its parts. 

The role of the diamond

Many people shopping for an engagement ring believe that it’s all about the diamond. While the diamond certainly is the star of the show, a great diamond is only as good as the ring it’s in. 

A well-crafted ring will literally elevate the diamond allowing more light to pass through the stone. It is the unique shape of the band, the way the center diamond is held and integrated into the band, and the accenting diamonds and design which transform the diamond into a cohesive piece of the engagement ring instead of being a stand-alone phenomenon. 

Additionally, while it is traditional to have a diamond in an engagement ring, it is not a hard and fast rule. Many brides choose to have an alternate stone like an emerald or sapphire instead of a classic diamond. When looking to design a ring featuring a precious stone there are many factors of value, durability, and design to consider. Working with the professionals at CJ Charles will help you navigate all of the factors to make sure you create or select the perfect ring for your style and lifestyle.  

The diamond is the gate-keeper

This isn’t to say your diamond (or other precious stone) shouldn’t stand out; quite the opposite! Your diamond should be the first thing people notice about your engagement ring. It should both draw the eye and hold the gaze as it draws attention to the stone's sparkle and shine. 

Think of the diamond in your engagement ring as the gatekeeper to the rest of your engagement ring. While you may get delayed by the diamond's striking elegance, you eventually begin to take note of the other subtle nuances of the ring. 

Things like the shape of the band, the material used, and accent stones are all features that deserve attention once your diamond has had its moment in the spotlight. If your engagement ring does its job correctly, the diamond will always be the first thing people notice, but it will never distract from the overall beauty of the ring as a whole.

Selecting your style

When choosing an engagement ring, one of the first choices you will need to make is what style of engagement ring you want. There are so many different styles of engagement rings to choose from. The style of engagement ring you choose will largely depend on personal preference, and there are plenty of classic styles to choose from.

Stone, setting, and the band will all play a part in creating the ring's stylistic complexities. One example of engagement ring style is the classic Tiffany Style Diamond Solitaire engagement ring.

This classically elegant engagement ring style is defined by the thin band and a 6-prong cathedral setting that truly puts the diamond on display. While this is just one example of a classic engagement ring style, it gives you a sense of how even a ring that is diamond-centric is still a cohesive piece of jewelry. 

Putting the pieces together

Once you have decided on a specific ring style and diamond shape, it’s time to go ring shopping. Often, you will be able to find the perfect ring right out of the case. 

In fact, most engagement rings are designed to exceed expectations, meaning the ring you end up choosing is probably better than what you had originally envisioned. All that said, sometimes your particular vision can only be accomplished with a customized engagement ring.

Custom engagement rings

Designing a custom engagement ring is becoming an increasingly popular choice with modern couples. A custom ring not only allows you to personalize the physical design but also elevates the sentimental value. A custom ring demonstrates thoughtfulness and sensitivity that epitomizes the values an engagement ring symbolizes. 

Custom rings are not for everyone, but if you are interested in a custom engagement ring, we recommend setting up an appointment with us. Our team of expert jewelers will help you to identify the characteristics you’re looking for while helping you to articulate any intangible criteria you may have in mind.

What about cost?

Finding a ring in your desired price range is easier than you think, especially when you have CJ Charles on your team. Finding the right deal on a quality engagement ring does not mean you have to compromise. In fact, our expert jewelers are some of the best in the industry at finding you the ideal engagement ring within your price range.

Many times, the cost is one of the biggest inhibiting factors when choosing an engagement ring, but CJ Charles turns cost from an obstacle into an opportunity. With our help, you will find the right engagement ring that fits your vision, exceeds your expectations, and all without impeding your financial ability. 

Time to pick your ring!

Whether it is a most basic diamond solitaire or a more extravagant gem-encrusted halo, ring design and diamond cut can be as modern and decadent or classically elegant as you choose. Sure, selecting the right ring size and style of ring, type of diamond, and engagement ring setting are all important, but a ring is a cohesive piece that is more than just the sum of its parts. 

A truly stunning engagement ring occurs when the diamond, setting, and ring style all contribute to the beauty of the ring as a whole, and that’s what CJ Charles is here to help you with. CJ Charles is here to assist you in making the best possible choice for all of your engagement ring needs. Maybe you're thinking, "Are engagement rings and wedding rings the same?” Or, you just want to gain an understanding of how an engagement ring should fit. Even if all you need is a little advice, we're here to help! Check out our engagement rings in San Diego to get started today.



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