Famous Luxury Watch Brands To Wear In 2021

Thanks to increased customer access, a growing global economy, and advancements in technology, the ability to procure a famous luxury watch is seemingly effortless. With so many types of watches on the market, it may be hard to determine which luxury watch is best suited for your needs and desires. 

Craftsmanship, material, and design are all things that you should look for in a luxury watch, but when deciding on a famous luxury watch brand, those elements come standard. Selecting a famous luxury watch is far more about stylistic subtleties and personal preference. While there are some watch enthusiasts who would try and rank or rate the most famous luxury watches, the reality is that luxury watches are made to be perfect. 

The brands listed in this article, along with countless others, all have something unique to offer, in addition to being an elite watch that anyone would be proud to own and wear.  Most famous designer watch brands became famous because of their incredible attention to detail, beautiful designs, and impeccable timekeeping ability. 

Typically, individual preference tends to be the deciding factor when choosing a famous luxury watch brand. At CJ Charles, we have high end watches for sale from the most famous luxury watch brands in the world, all of which are an elite caliber of a watch. Below, and not ranked in any particular order, we’ll cover just some of the many famous watch brands to choose from.


Cartier is the luxury watch brand that boldly combines sophistication and style. With just enough wow factor to be a welcomed dose of daily elegance, these stunning watches are glamorous but never gaudy, stunning without being too extravagant. Cartier began as a high-end French jewelry brand in the late 1800s and shifted to watchmaking in the early 1900s. 

Cartier is best known for its roman numeral faces and incredibly gorgeous jewel-encrusted casings. Made from the materials such as, beautiful 18k gold, and every other coveted precious metal, Cartier watches are a fashion statement disguised as a watch. 

The stunning elegance of Cartier is part of what makes these watches popular amongst celebrities. Still, Cartier does an excellent job of making themselves available to all who enjoy the finer things, not just the ultra-elites. While there are certainly cases where a custom Cartier can cost as much as a luxury car or home, many pre-owned Cartier watches are reasonably priced considering the reputation of this watch as an exclusive luxury item. If you are considering purchasing a new version of one of these true pieces of art, make sure to purchase from an authorized Cartier watch dealer to ensure you’re getting the quality you seek.


Timeless design and superior craftsmanship. Shop watches!



Originally designed for military use, Panerai watches are a superb luxury timepiece whose storied history is well-matched by its development into an elite designer brand. Panerai ranges in styles and fashions the way most famous luxury brands do, but Panerai’s devotion to simplicity is what makes it such a coveted brand, among other famous luxury watches. The most famous Panerai watches are those that use steel cases and simplicity to evoke the essence of Panerai’s beginnings as a dependable piece of equipment relied upon by soldiers in combat.  

Panerai watches are classic luxury watches whose reputation is matched by continued excellence. To add a Paneri watch to your collection of famous luxury watches would be a fine feather in your cap!

A. Lange & Söhne

Known for its dedication to precision and feats of engineering, this German watch brand is famously accurate. Along with the other famous luxury watch brands that share an affinity for design and accuracy. Known for the meticulous attention to detail and utilizing only the finest materials they have been able to produce some of the finest watches the world has seen. 

The attention to detail, specifically the visual movements that are often included in A. Lange & Söhne watches design, make this a premier luxury watch brand to own in 2021.

IWC Schaffhausen

This brand is popular among watch collectors due in large part to its multitude of limited edition watches. IWC Schaffhausen is a true tour-de-force for creating stunning watches that increase in value over time. IWC is committed to using only the finest core materials with seamless mechanisms that reflect some of the most incredible innovations in modern horology.  

Known for some of the best aviation and pilots watches in the watch industry that date back to being used during WWII, IWC haS been able to blend their great history with today’s modern technologies. IWC also has a large selection of watches made for everyday wear, making IWC a very approachable famous luxury brand all while retaining its elite status. If you’re looking for IWC watches for sale, look no further than the collection at CJ Charles.


A celebrated Swiss watchmaker, Jaeger-LeCoultre, is best known for its incredible quality control. Crafting components for watches is an arduous and difficult task. Still, Jaeger-LeCoultre is one of the only watchmakers in the world that makes most of its components in-house. This intensive and time-consuming process is part of what makes the internal mechanism of its watches absolutely flawless. 

Watch enthusiasts best know JLC for its Reverso series. The original Reverso was the first of its kind and allowed just the face to be flipped upside down independent of the band. This face guarding tech was duplicated and implemented for other variations that have been just as well-received as the first-ever Reverso watch model. For those looking to add to their repertoire of famous luxury watches in 2021, Jaeger-LeCoultre is just one excellent designer watch brand to choose from.


This fine luxury watch brand is a must for any watch enthusiast and is best known for customization. Montblanc has many watch lines that are wildly successful, but its greatest offering is the ability to customize a watch model or even design one from scratch. Montblanc is a great option for those luxurious watch enthusiasts who want something truly unique.

Ranging from simple faces with stunning leather bands, to intricate movements that appear on the watch face, Montblanc watches are nothing if not diverse. This famous luxury watch brand is an excellent brand to begin your journey into fine luxury watches.


Perhaps one of the most famous luxury watch brands of all time, Rolex is synonymous with sophistication. A Rolex watch is one of the few watches to ever be both a fashion statement and an elite timepiece. Boasting one of the most seamless timekeeping mechanisms in the watch and clock-making industry, Rolex made its name by being one of the few leading watchmakers of the last 100 years. 

While the internal mechanisms that drive a Rolex are seemingly flawless, Rolex's true marvel is the brand’s evolution to being a piece of stunning jewelry on top of being a tremendous watch. Rolex is designed to be worn daily while retaining its luxury status. A true Rolex is made to last a lifetime, and from the internal components to the stunning exterior designs, Rolex is a wonderful luxury watch brand to own in 2021. The brand has made such a name for itself that many people also seek out pre owned Rolex watches

Patek Philippe

World-renowned due to their long-standing history, this Swiss watch company, synonymous with the excellence of Swiss watches, is credited with creating the first-ever wristwatch in 1868. In watchmaking, the individual intricacies of the watch are called complications. Typically, the more complications a watch has, the more impressive the watch is. Patek Philippe set the gold standard with their famous Calibre 89, which used 33 complications in the most sophisticated wristwatch ever. 

A favorite of celebrities, business elites, and even royalty, Patek Philippe received the first-ever celebrity wristwatch endorsement when Queen Victoria donned a Patek Philippe watch in the late 1800s. Along with other luxury watch brands, Patek Philippe is a favorite of luxurious watch connoisseurs worldwide, making it an excellent addition to any collection in 2021. Check out used Patek Philippe watches at your local CJ Charles boutique to get yours.

Vacheron Constantin

Not to be confused with Patek Philippe, who created the first wristwatch, this Swiss watchmaker is the oldest watchmaker in the world. Along with Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin makes up what is known in the watchmaking world as “the holy trinity.” These three are the oldest watch brands and some of the most revered in the world. 

Despite being the oldest watch brand in the world, Vacheron Constantin is constantly releasing one-of-a-kind timepieces. In 2015 Constantin released its masterpiece, the Vacheron Constantin 57260, a Swiss luxury watch that costs $8 million and boasts an unbelievable 55 complications. A designer watch brand that exudes luxury and elegance, Vacheron Constantin is a popular choice for many watch collectors.

Audemars Piguet

A member of the holy trinity, Audemars Piguet is known for bold design choices, incredible craftsmanship, and modern innovations like using stainless steel in a luxury watch. Audemars Piguet created one of the most popular diving watches ever thanks to the Royal Oak Offshore series. The lasting nature of these watches is an industry-leading testament to quality.

Audemars Piguet is best known for its incredible aptitude for watches that exceed expectations and deliver years of accuracy from their timepieces.  

Your Next Luxury Watch

The list above only names some of the world’s most famous luxury watch brands. There are many other luxury timepieces that would be a fine addition to any collection. When shopping for a luxury watch, it should come as no surprise that buying from a certified dealer is the only way to go. Between counterfeit watches, nefarious characters interested in selling stolen items, and thieves who promise a product they will never deliver, watch buying is a dangerous proposition if not done correctly. 

You wouldn’t buy a car from an untrusted source, so why would you put your faith in an untrusted source when the watch you are purchasing very likely costs just as much? 

When purchasing a luxury watch, deciding which brand you like is the first step in a long journey. A jeweler or certified dealer like CJ Charles can help you determine how tight a watch should be or how to wear a watch, and even narrow down your search based on style, preference, and price range. By properly shopping for your next famous luxury watch, you can ensure the watch you choose will not only be a lifelong investment but a piece you can proudly hand down throughout generations with the proper watch service and care. Shop the high end watches over $20,000 from CJ Charles to find the luxury watch brand best suited for you.

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