The Real Housewives Recognize Real Quality at CJ Charles

CJ Charles’ exceptional pieces have a long history of being admired by the most discerning jewelry lovers —from the elite business class to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In fact, when fashion designer Dorit Kemsley and her husband Paul (“PK”) visited our La Jolla CJ Charles location this February, we were able to welcome the Real Housewife and her husband into our home with open arms.

As with any client, our passion is to find the perfect piece to suit the highest taste. A unique sense of luxury and legacy is always achieved with any piece of jewelry from CJ Charles Jewelers. The experience of finding fine jewelry is achieved through understanding our clients’ tastes and preferences. We pride ourselves in pairing clients with an extraordinary piece of jewelry that becomes an extension to their personality. 

With PK and Dorit, that intimate and personal conversation led us rather quickly to two stunning and original pieces: 

  • For Dorit, a breathtaking vintage Cartier Maillon de Panthère necklace made of brilliant 18k white gold and adorned with black and colorless diamonds.
  • For PK, the refined, commanding Panerai Luminor Marina watch with a bold 47mm case.

With two lovely pieces to match two exceptional new friends, the CJ Charles family had an overwhelmingly positive experience meeting the Kemsleys and satisfying their vision. 

What may have been their first CJ Charles experience will certainly become an amazing relationship for years to come. Every long-time customer begins their journey with us somewhere—for Dorit and PK, it was with a statement necklace and a powerful timepiece.

Dorit’s Choice: Cartier’s Maillon de Panthère Collection

For a stunning and fashion-forward woman like Dorit Kemsley, Cartier’s iconic Panthère jewels seemed like a logical option. The panther—the creature that inspired Cartier’s brilliant designs—is both supple and sensual, much like the movement of the chain itself. 

The combination of white gold mixed with colorless and black diamonds is both timeless and innovative. It spoke to Dorit’s traditional luxury sensibilities while appealing to her constantly evolving sense of style, evidenced in her own creative collections and Real Housewives wardrobe.

If you’ve seen the reality star on the streets of Beverly Hills—first-hand or through your television screen—then you’re familiar with her captivating prints, bold accessories, and daring design choices. To not just match but elevate that signature style, we had to find something just as fierce, playful, and magnetic as her. 

For Dorit, that was all easily personified within the Maillon De Panthère necklace we presented to her. The necklace resonated with Dorit on every level:

  • Pure 18k white gold for a refined cleanliness
  • Black and colorless diamonds to meld classic luxury with inspired style
  • Cartier’s long-standing use of links—“maillons”—reminiscent of his early innovations and wristwatch-inspired sensibilities
  • Round-cut stones for smooth lines and effortless movement
  • Set with more than 500 individual diamonds to dazzle from every angle
  • A 21st-century update on a timeless design 

When Real Housewives returns to television for season 11, you might even catch a glimpse of Dorit in her new Cartier classic. We’ll certainly be on the lookout, just as we look forward to welcoming her back to CJ Charles. 

PK’s Pick: Officine Panerai’s Luminor Collection

Every man needs a watch as powerful, professional, and poised as he is. But it still has to reflect the uniqueness of his personality and lifestyle.

As an Englishman now living lavishly in Beverly Hills, and as a sports fan, business mogul, and property developer, PK needed what so many successful men do—a luxury watch that matched his versatile style and refined sophistication, with hints of innovative design choices. 

Known for their robust creations and big, bold cases, Officine Panerai fully delivered with their Luminor collection. Bound to catch anyone’s eye, the way it did PK’s, the Luminor Marina exemplifies Panerai’s signature style with its characteristic crown-protecting casing. 

As functional as it is aesthetic, the crown-protecting device accounts for the watch’s water-resistant technology, shock-protection, and defense against accidental manipulation, regardless of the conditions. 

The Luminor is, in fact, one of Panerai’s two most notable designs. The Luminor Marina boasts many enticing features that appeal to many, including PK during his visit to CJ Charles: 

  • Made from authentic stainless steel, a highly durable and reliable material
  • Adorned with 21 jewels for an eye-catching, but not ostentatious, look
  • Shiny, polished steel for an effortlessly clean presentation
  • Functional hour and minute hands with a signature small seconds indicator
  • Vintage sensibilities meet modern luxury for a distinct yet versatile design

This Luminor 1950 gem is not unlike Panerai’s now-vintage collection of early-20th-century watches, many of which are still highly desirable among collectors, watch enthusiasts, and connoisseurs of classic style. 

The Real Lives of the Real Housewives Include CJ Charles

From lavish clothes to luxury accessories, the Real Housewives live a life of splendor, and that includes the magnetic opulence found within the four walls of CJ Charles Jewelers. But this experience isn’t limited to television personalities and property tycoons. 

We’ll gladly welcome you with the same warmth and eagerness as we did Dorit and PK Kemsley, just as we hope and expect to welcome them back in the future, too. Stop by one of our stores or to check out the best fine estate jewelry and high end watches for sale in San Diego today. 

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