A Guide to the best Italian Watches

Written By: Vahid Moradi

If you’re a watch enthusiast and find yourself in the market for a new luxury watch, you are probably torn between several styles, brands, or even countries of origin. Although fashion watches are made all over the world, one country has cemented itself as a goliath in the watch and timepiece industry.

Italian watches are world-renowned for their precision, style, and "wow" factor, boasting exquisite physical features and impeccable internal mechanisms. The best Italian watches are not so expensive that they are unobtainable, but they also belong to a select tier of high-end luxury timepieces. In short, Italian watches are some of the most coveted on the planet due to their balance of functional style and affordability (relatively speaking).

So what else makes Italian watches so special? Aside from having a reputation for being excellently well-crafted timepieces, Italian watches are fashion-forward and nothing short of striking.

Bvlgari, one of the best Italian watch brands to choose, is strikingly impressive but never overbearing or obtrusive. Similarly, Panerai authorized dealer watches are elegant and classic while boasting impeccable craftsmanship forged from awe-inspiring precious metals, these two are the world's best Italian luxury watches. Breathtaking, elegant, and sophisticated are the best words to describe the world's finest Italian-style watches.

Timeless design and superior craftsmanship. Shop watches!


In order to better understand Italian watches and the best Italian watch brand, we have to understand how they stack up compared to their global counterparts.

As far as Swiss movement watches are concerned, there is little debate regarding their stand-alone excellence. Everything from design to functionality, and especially the internal workings of the watch itself, has been perfected by the Swiss for hundreds of years.

It should be noted that the title "Swiss Made" is a coveted claim within the watchmaking community, even so much as to inspire other watchmakers to purchase Swiss Made components to put in their non-Swiss watches. For a rabbit hole worth exploring, check out the ETA watch movement and its prevalence in the world of watchmaking.

Italian roots produce some of the finest luxury timepieces on earth! While the watchmakers of Italy may not have the worldwide reputation that Swiss watchmakers have, watches of Italian origin have a rich history that is steeped in a tradition of excellence.

Not to be outdone by the others in the watch industry, watchmaker brands like Bvlgari and Panerai focus on the aesthetics of their watches, ensuring that each timepiece looks like a piece of stunning jewelry. Even with the focus on exterior design, Italian brands like Bvlgari and Panerai are some of the most accurate in the world, making them truly elite timepieces.

While the debate between Italian and Swiss-made luxury watches isn't going anywhere anytime soon, we feel confident telling you that the two countries are neck and neck in the long race for watchmaking supremacy. Meanwhile, you can feel confident that your next Italian watch is a premier example of modern luxury watch design.

Choosing your next luxury watch isn't going to be determined by which country makes better diving watches...it really comes down to brand and style preference. For luxury brands with impeccable style and unbeatable taste, check out our list of best Swiss diving watches and top Italian watches.

Italian brands that have carved out elite luxury watch brand status can go toe to toe with any Swiss watch brand in the world.


Italian watchmaking has been around almost as long as its Swiss counterparts.

While Switzerland was inventing and perfecting the personal watch in the 1700s, the first wristwatch wasn't even invented until 1810. Furthermore, it didn't even become popularized until the mid-1850s. With this new information, we feel that it's not exactly fair to call Italian design watch brands like Bvlgari and Panerai late to the party...

The Panerai watch brand began making their watches in 1860 in Florence, and Bvlgari (which started as a high-end jewelry company) began crafting their watches as early as the first decade of the 1900s. Here's a fun tidbit: the original Panerai workshop was Italy's first watchmaking school. Not only were Italian watch brands like Panerai good enough to compete in the world market, but their techniques were also good enough to teach to others.

When it comes to long-standing reputation, each Italian brand, Bvlgari and Panerai, can proudly say they have been crafting some of the world's best watches for over 100 years. As far as we're concerned, that's plenty of time to develop, practice, and perfect the art of watchmaking, and it certainly makes these two Italian craftsmanship brands eligible for the title of seasoned veterans in their industry. This may be why the individual reputation for Bvlgari and Panerai, respectively, is that they truly are two of the world's most elite luxury watchmakers.


When it comes to fine Italian watches, two luxury watch brands stand above the rest. While Bvlgari is known for its stunning vibrance due to the inclusion of precious stones and complex Italian craftsmanship designs, Panerai features the finest precious metals crafted with a timeless appeal that features flawless and elegant simplicity.

Here are just some of the distinguishing factors between these two Italian luxury watch brands:


If you're a fan of stunning jewelry that can keep time, Bvlgari watches are Italian luxury watches for you. Best known for incorporating jewels, gems, and precious metal accents into their intricate designs, Bvlgari also has unmistakably bold numerals, which serve as a calling card for the Italian brand.

The appeal of a Bvlgari watch is so much more than the fact that the finished piece looks more like artistic jewelry than a standard watch; Both Bvlgari watches for women and men are impeccably accurate. For an Italian watch that blends fashionable sophistication with some of the most sophisticated internal mechanical movement styles in watchmaking, look no further than Bvlgari.


When Panerai was first in production, it became a favorite for military use. Although they are now considered an elite luxury brand, the original rugged design, unmatched precision, and ultimate reliability put Panerai on the map.

Currently, Panerai ranges in styles and designs, but it is Panerai's dedication to simplicity that makes it special in comparison to other luxury watch brands. In fact, the most famous and coveted Panerai watches are those that use stainless steel cases, it harkens back to Panerai's roots as a luxury watch brand. Panerai watch bands are also interchangeable. Visit our blog article on how to change Panerai strap for more details.

Panerai watches are premier examples of classic Italian luxury that truly stand out due to their understated elegance. If a luxury Italian watch with all of the Italian style and none of the pomp is more your speed, Panerai is the watch for you. These timepieces are so sophisticated and desirable that used Panerai watches can be just as valuable, if not more so, than newer models.

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Written By: Vahid Morai

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