Guide on How to Change Your Panerai Strap

Whenever you are dealing with replacing parts on a luxury watch or looking at Panerai watch repair, and if you don’t feel comfortable changing out your Panerai strap  feel free to allow a professional to do the job for you. 

The controlled environment of a professional watch and jewelry dealer like CJ Charles is geared toward fixing, cleaning, and replacing the most treasured pieces of luxury jewelry. Regardless of the repair, whether it’s repairing ETA watch movement or just a simple polish, our goal at CJ Charles is to ensure your watch returns to your possession as good as new! 

Alternately if you were to scratch, drop, or break your own watch while attempting to change the band, that’s going to be an additional repair.

Taking a watch to a jewelry professional like CJ Charles is not only easier than doing it yourself; it’s safer for the watch. Plus, taking your watch to a professional shop like CJ Charles saves you time and effort that you can then spend on yourself or other important tasks.

Finally, taking your watch in for a band change is the perfect opportunity to have it professionally cleaned and serviced. While one of the benefits of a luxury watch is certainly the exceptional mechanisms that drive the watch, even the best timepieces need to be occasionally serviced.

When changing the strap of your Panerai watch yourself, here is a step-by-step guide to changing the band on these Italian watches. Follow the instructions in this guide to keep your watch as safe and secure as possible as you complete the steps necessary to change out your watch band.


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To remove the original band

  1. Take a large cotton towel and lay it down on a wide, sturdy, flat surface like a table. It is important  that you ensure your workspace is clean and cushioned so that if the watch falls out of your hands, it remains unscathed. A large cotton towel is the perfect blend of cleanliness and cushion, and a standard table or countertop serves as an excellent workspace.
  2. Once you have laid the watch and new band out on the towel, wipe the watch down with a microfiber cloth. Do your best to remove any excess dirt and debris from the face of the watch, as well as from the back.
  3. Place the watch face down on the towel. Then either identify if your watch is a screw system, wire loop system, spring bar system, interchangeable strap system, or quick release system. 

    1. To change the strap with the interchangeable strap system use the tool from the original box to press down on the hole on the side of the lug while simultaneously pressing down on the hole on the back of the lug.
    2. To change a strap with the screw system simply use the screwdriver in your box and unscrew the screw   
    3. To change a strap with the spring bar system you must press the pivot hole that can be seen on the side of the lug and gently remove the strap
    4. To change a strap for the quick release system simply press down on the push button on the back of the strap and tilt the watch at a 45 degree angle 
  4. Using your fingers or a small pair of tweezers, grab the rod and pull it out from the watch. This will allow the band to come free – allowing for a strap change.

To Install The New Band 

  1. Take the tubes from inside of the old strap and place it in the new strap, then make sure to align the holes in the band with the holes in the watch. 
  2. Carefully slide the small bar back through the watch and then through the band. 
  3. Press firmly until the bar is almost all the way in.
  4. Using your specialty tool, either screwing it back in, using the pusher tool and pressing down on the hole on the back of the case, press the final bit of the bar into the watch until the spring-loaded pin that we pressed down to release the bar is locked back in place.
  5. Repeat steps three through 5 for the other side, and enjoy your new watchband!

For more information on how to change the band on any of your luxury Panerai watches, please contact our team at CJ Charles. Your luxury Panerai watch should be a timepiece you look forward to donning every single day. Whether you are looking to spice things up with a new band style,want to expand your collection with a new piece or used Panerai watch, or are looking for an expert opinion on a potentially fake Panerai, CJ Charles is your best bet for any and all watch-related service and sales needs. 

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