Shopping Guide: April Birthstone Jewelry

Written By: Vahid Moradi

If April showers bring May flowers, we can only assume that April birthdays also bring in a bountiful bouquet of gemstone treasures. None are quite as bountiful, however, as the diamond—April’s birthstone. 

April birthstone jewelry glistens with elegance and beauty, and luminous fashion rings, necklaces, and earrings make any birthday celebration twinkle with starry eyes. In this guide, we’ll explore everything there is to know about shopping for luxury diamond jewelry and share some of our top picks from the CJ Charles diamond birthstone  collection.

Diamond Origins

The hardest natural material on Earth, the diamond’s chemical structure is only superseded by its geologic age: The oldest diamonds are nearly 3.5 billion years old, making this bedazzling stone older than our oxygenated atmosphere. Talk about taking your breath away.1

Diamonds were originally formed deep within the Earth’s crust where the extreme temperature and pressure provided the right conditions for creation. Now, with the same temperature and pressure measurements, diamonds can be synthesized in labs.

Without these two extremes, the carbon composing the diamond stud would transform into graphite or liquid metal—not the splendid stone cherished by gods and royalty.

A Carbon Celebration

At 99.95% pure carbon, a diamond stud is the Earth’s only gem composed of a single element. Its luster, brilliance, and hardness can thus be attributed to its carbonic perfection.2

In addition to their pure-carbon makeup, diamonds don the following qualities:2

  • Isometric crystal structure – A crystal structure refers to the way atoms are arranged in a substance. A Diamond birthstone has an isometric, or cubic, crystal structure. This means a diamond’s carbon atoms are bonded in the same direction, forming a lattice. This cubic structure dramatically increases a diamond’s hardness.

  • High melting point Diamond’s melting point is 4,027 degrees celsius, making this radiant gem impervious to most fire pits, fireplaces, and the hotness of your diamond-studded style.3

  • Fluorescence – A gem’s fluorescence signifies the amount of light the stone emits when placed under UV light. Fluorescence in diamonds is common, and most diamonds exhibit a blue color when examined under UV light.
  • Now that you know the basic chemical makeup of April’s gemstone of honor, let’s dive into the diamond’s history as a birthstone.

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    Diamond Quality: The 4 Cs

    Before buying the diamond jewelry of your (or your loved one’s) dreams, you’ll want to know exactly what to look for in a fashion jewelry diamond. Fortunately, knowing the 4 Cs of diamond quality will make your shopping experience a breeze:4

  • Color – While most diamonds are off-white or light yellow, some diamonds are perfectly clear. These are the rarest and most expensive diamonds. Still, others may be blue, pink, light brown, and red. 

  • Cut As the most important factor to consider when purchasing diamonds, the cut refers to the diamond’s shape and gradient. The round brilliant, emerald, and oval cuts are the most popular diamond cuts. That being said, well-cut diamonds are the most expensive, but they’re also the most beautiful, shining with the intensities of radiant stars.

  • Clarity – Diamonds are noted for their symmetry and perfection. However, all diamonds have some blemishes and imperfections (detected only through a magnifying glass). But, the best diamonds are as clear as Pacific blue waters.

  • Carat – Carat is a measurement of a diamond’s weight. In general, the higher the carat, the more expensive the stone. Diamonds can range anywhere from 0.25 carats to the 3,106.75-carat Cullinan Diamond discovered in South Africa.

  • Diamond Shopping Guide

    Now that you’re equipped with the jewelry education and knowledge to make the best diamond decisions, let us introduce you to the extraordinary luxury diamond collection from CJ Charles.

    1. The Heart to Steal…Your Heart

    A diamond heart sure to shine as magnificently as your own, the Rivière Platinum 4.03ct Heart-Shaped Diamond Halo Necklace embodies the purity, clarity, and regeneration of a soothing April rain.

    Perfect for weddings, banquets, and days when you simply want to dazzle, this piece is embellished with the following characteristics:

    • 4.03-carat heart-shaped diamond
    • Brilliant J color
    • 0.13-carat diamond halo
    • SI1 clarity

    With the Rivière Platinum Heart-Shaped Diamond Halo Necklace, you can wear your heart on your sleeve and on your neck.

    2. A Necklace for the Heart of Gold

    When Robert Frost wrote “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” he clearly wasn’t thinking of CJ Charles 18kt Yellow Gold 0.11ctw Diamond Heart Necklace.

    That’s because this necklace is forever.

    With a warm golden hue embodying the first rays of sunshine on an April morning, this necklace burns with elegance.

    This shimmering fashion jewelry piece has the following characteristics:

    • 18-carat yellow gold
    • 15 round diamonds (total weight: 0.117 carats)
    • H-1 color
    • S1 clarity

    If, like Neil Young, you’ve been “searching for a heart of gold,” look no further than the 18 KT Yellow Gold Diamond Heart Necklace.

    3. The Ring That Will Send You Spiraling 

    Spiral gemstone engagement rings have been used to show commitment for ages. That said, few (if any) spiral rings reflect more care, commitment, and elegance than the 18k Yellow Gold 0.88ctw Diamond Spiral Ring from CJ Charles.

    A triple-spiral ring that captures April's cyclical growth and regenerative qualities, this spiral ring glistens with promise.

    Its characteristics include:

    • 18-carat yellow gold
    • Rectangular and round diamonds (total weight: 0.88 carats).
    • A spectacular spiral shape

    Shine with elegance. Shine with spirals.

    4. The Classic Ring for the Extraordinary Style

    Blazing with brilliance, the Rivière Platinum 3.02ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring is a throwback to the days of remarkable beauty and everlasting opulence.

    This classic cut ring is gorgeously clear, an embodiment of the crisp April days that sing with opportunities to come.

    Whether you’re wearing this ring at banquets, weddings, or just nights out on the town, this ring is sure to illuminate your beauty—both inside and out.

    This piece has the following characteristics:

    • Platinum center round cut
    • 3.02-carat diamond
    • F color
    • VS2 clarity
    • 75 pave micro-set diamonds (total weight: 0.65 carat)

    Like the Rivière Platinum Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring, class never goes out of style.

    5. Scintillating Earrings for the Sophisticated Wearer

    Timeless as your shimmering look, CJ Charles 18k White Gold Diamond Huggie Rectangular Drop Earrings are elegant additions to any sophisticated wardrobe.

    Like clear dewdrops on the first buds of spring, these diamond earrings are sure to delight your (and everyone else’s) senses.

    In addition to 18-carat white gold, these diamond earrings dazzle with the following:

    • Huggie hoops featuring rectangular motifs
    • 4 baguette diamonds
    • 58 round brilliant cut diamonds (total weight: 0.55 carats)

    Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, special achievement, or simply the first day of spring, wearing these earrings will remind you of April’s hope and wonder.

    Where to Source Diamonds

    Diamonds were first found in India. Since then, diamonds have been mined in many locations around the world. The most common sources of diamonds today include:5

  • Africa – In recent years, South Africa has turned into a diamond-mining mecca. Botswana and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are also diamond hot spots.

  • Russia – Since the 1960s, Russia (then the Soviet Union) has been one of the world’s leading producers of diamonds by size and volume.

  • Canada – With the discovery of major diamond reserves in northern Canada in the 1990s, North America got in on the diamond-mining action.

  • April’s Birthstone: Stone of Poetry, Stone of Power

    If you’re looking to gift your loved one with a dazzling diamond, consider also including a handwritten note that speaks to its historical influence. 

    1. Evil Eye’s Enemy

    One story you can tell? The myth of the “evil eye.”

    In short, the “evil eye” myth suggests a mysterious look is capable of wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting victim. Fortunately, an unknown poet in the second century sang of a possible cure: the almighty diamond.6

    According to lore, the diamond has the power to ward off evil spirits, restore health, and increase happiness. Given the fact that April is considered a month of new growth and life, the diamond is the perfect emblem of restoration.

    2. Its Shining History

    Although an unknown poet commemorated the healing power of diamonds in the second century, diamonds have been a part of our social and cultural history for as long as we’ve prized jewels.

    In many ways, diamonds truly are forever.

    First gathered in the lush rivers and streams of India, diamonds got their start as objects of adoration in the 4th century BC. 

    But it wasn’t until the 15th century AD that diamonds captivated the hearts and minds of Europe’s elite. In 1477, the first diamond was affixed to an engagement ring owned by Archduke Maximillian of Austria.6 

    From then on, this stone of power, beauty, clarity, and strength, became synonymous with class, eventually symbolizing April’s regenerative spirit.

    CJ Charles: Your April Birthstone Boutique

    Because April is a month of regeneration, growth, and new beginnings, it’s only fitting that the diamond is the month’s birthstone. Diamonds symbolize luxury, class, strength and clarity. They’re also as timeless as their origins and as entrancing as their myths.

    That said, not all diamonds match your excellence. 

    For diamonds that exceed the extraordinary, there’s only CJ Charles.

    When you’re ready to select your forever diamond, let us help you find the right cut, color, clarity, and carat. Whether April is your birth month or you simply love the elegance of diamonds, we have the gemstones to embellish your spring with sparkle.


    Written By: Vahid Morai

    Vahid Moradi’s lifelong passion, dedication, and commitment for the jewelry industry led him to become the respected owner of CJ Charles Jewelers in 1988. From that moment, Moradi’s single focus in business was to become recognized as the pinnacle of value and world-class quality in the his Community. Over 34 years later, CJ Charles continues to grow and thrive as a successful, family-owned business that consistently provides exceptional service to all their clientele.


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