9 Dazzling Alternative Wedding Rings

Written By: Vahid Moradi

Many couples forego traditional matrimonial bands in exchange for alternative wedding rings that offer a touch more personality and singularity. There are many reasons for doing so, but the most obvious is this: wearing a unique ring is akin to making a nod to the qualities particular to your relationship. 

Your relationship is unique from everyone else’s, so why not choose a ring that reflects that?

If you’re interested in finding an alternative wedding ring but aren’t exactly sure what you’re looking for, don’t fret. We’ve put together a collection of some beautiful pieces to aid and inspire your search. Along the way, we’ll also cover a few basics around what makes a wedding ring alternative and some of the factors you can use to guide your exploration.

What Is An Alternative Wedding Ring?

You may be wondering what exactly makes a wedding ring qualify as alternative. While there is no one exact answer, in the past, wedding rings have generally looked a certain way and have been made of certain materials.

Broadly speaking, a traditional western wedding ring consists of a yellow gold or silver band and a minimal amount of ornamentation. Some wedding rings feature one or two rows of smaller, inset diamonds, but often forgo the bigger primary stone typically seen on engagement rings. 

Overall, wedding rings tend to be less elaborate than engagement rings, which are usually all about a larger stone or some kind of centerpiece.

These are just a few loose and general parameters. All in all, choosing an alternative wedding ring simply means exploring what lies beyond the boundaries of tradition. 

9 Unique Styles of Alternative Wedding Rings

To choose an alternative wedding ring that suits your style and aesthetic, it can help to break down the different ways alternative rings can vary. We’ve grouped them into a few categories, which are:

  • Band shape
  • Gemstone
  • Band material

As you explore this list, remember that you don’t have to choose just one of these options. With the many available alternatives, you could even find one that combines several styles of unique wedding bands.

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Wedding Rings with Alternative Band Shapes

A wedding band that includes a twist, a slim profile, or some other atypical shape is a wonderful place to start when selecting an alternative wedding ring, especially if it helps to signify some exclusive meaning. 

For example, a band that features two strands of metal intertwined together could represent the long and intricate road that you and your partner have traveled.

Let’s consider some alternative band shapes and how they differ from the norm:

  1. A one-of-a-kind wave band – This Sapphire and Diamond Wave Band makes a statement not just because of its nine dazzling sapphires nestled between two rows of diamonds, but also thanks to its truly one-of-a-kind “wave” profile that creates an impressive shape on the finger.
  2. A slim but stunning band – You might also opt to go for a slimmer band, rather than something wider. This Single Row Diamond Ring offers a striking contrast to the thicker, more traditional wedding rings out there. Its delicate, 2mm band is studded with a row of diamonds for a touch of understated shine. 
  3. A bezel-set band – Another stunning example of an unusual band can be found in this Emerald Cut Diamond Band. Thanks to the round shape of its fourteen brilliant cut, bezel set diamonds, this piece offers a curvaceous 18k white gold profile

Wedding Rings with Alternative Gemstones 

If you want a wedding ring adorned with a stone of some kind, you have a world of options available. Diamonds may be a classic, but they don’t have to be the only choice. Though they are the most popular stones found on engagement and wedding rings, many couples these days are looking for more colorful options to highlight the singularity of their relationship. Gemstone engagement rings, for one, are a unique and alternative choice to the traditional center diamond.

Consider these center stone alternativesto adorn your wedding ring with a stunning hue:

  1. Shine bright with yellow – One way to stand apart within the diamond crowd while still holding onto some aspects of that tradition is by seeking out a yellow diamond. These rare stones possess a beautiful yellow hue thanks to the trace amounts of nitrogen held within their structure. This Yellow Diamond Band features two rows of round clear brilliant diamonds that complement the bold colors of the yellow stones.
  2. Stand out with rubies – Another particularly striking gemstone is the ruby, which has been said to represent or contain the power of life—a symbolism that has added to their desirability over the years. Rubies provide a striking pop of color on this Ruby and Diamond Eternity Band. The unique ring is crafted with white gold and features three gorgeous oval rubies amidst a set of four round brilliant cut diamonds. 
  3. Glow with emeralds – We shouldn’t forget the sparkling emerald, long thought to bring the gifts of good fortune and youth to its wearers. This Emerald and Diamond Half Band features three impressive emerald-cut emeralds. The stunning green of the stones set within an 18kt white gold band for an eye-catching composition on the hand.

These unique wedding band styles add a twist to the traditional diamond ring while staying classic. If you’re trying to stay near the minimalist engagement rings, you can still choose an alternative gemstone that’ll be both unique and simple. 

Wedding Rings with Alternative Band Materials

Another alternative for a unique wedding band? Try non-traditional band material. Just like diamonds are one of many choices for wedding and engagement rings, there are far more options than gold and silver when it comes to your wedding band. 

A final way to differentiate your wedding ring is to pick out a band made from a metal or other material that isn’t commonly used. Consider these alternative options:

  1. Platinum – This one might seem eerily similar to silver, but if you compare them side-by-side, you’ll notice the difference immediately. While silver has a soft, subtle shine, platinum is a highly reflective material, almost mirror-like in its brilliance. It’s an excellent choice to truly set off some stones, like in this Platinum Rope Detailed Diamond Band. This alternative wedding ring option features both bead set diamonds and diamonds set around the edges of the ring.
  2. Tungsten – Touted for its durability, tungsten is an excellent option for those seeking a more masculine ring or who want a darker-toned metal. This Tungsten Band is not only made of the extremely strong metal, tungsten carbide, but also features a remarkable hammered sterling silver inlay. With an 8mm width, this ring creates a powerful visual assertion.
  3. Rose gold – The floral-tinted cousin of a traditional gold band, rose gold is an alternative band material that has gained popularity in recent years. This metal is employed to gorgeous effect in this Crossover Band Ring. This ring offers a slyly avant-garde presentation thanks to its playful band shape. In addition, it is set with ten pink sapphires and 14 colorless diamonds—embellishments that make for an extraordinary visual design.

Tips for Choosing an Alternative Wedding Ring

Finding the perfect ring is unique to you. But If you’re caught between the many beautiful styles of traditional rings and an alternative option, it can help to make a list of what you’re looking for in a wedding ring.

There are many reasons why you might want to include a particular stone, metal, or shape when selecting your wedding ring. Some of these could include:

  • Your personal style – How you dress will likely impact the kind of ring you hope to wear. For instance, you might tend to dress more “boho” than conventional. In this case, you might choose to opt out of a traditional style of wedding ring and instead go for something that makes sense with the rest of your wardrobe.
  • Your other jewelry – If you usually favor yellow gold earrings, bracelets, and the like, it might not make sense to opt for a wedding ring made from platinum or silver. On the other hand, if you like to mix and match your jewelry, an atypical choice, such as a rose gold band, could be the perfect solution.
  • The color of the stone – Those who know they must have a diamond might focus on things like its cut, clarity, and the number of carats. But what if you want a color that means something special to you? In that case, you may want to look for a less typical gem, like a ruby or sapphire, especially if that stone holds a particular significance.
  • Durability – Do you plan to wear your ring at all times, but you’re also the kind of person who gets their hands dirty during the day? If so, the durability of the ring’s materials might be a key factor for you. For instance, you might look for a band made from platinum, an extremely hard material, instead of yellow gold, which tends to be soft.

In addition, you may have other style priorities you want to consider in your decision. For instance, you may want to include the wearer’s birthstone or a particular metal favored within their family. 

Ultimately, choosing a wedding ring is an extremely personal decision—and it’s crucial to tailor your choice to your unique needs and desires. Fortunately, with thousands of stunning styles available for alternative wedding rings, you’re sure to find the perfect option in time.

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When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding ring, don’t settle for trends or pieces that don’t feel unique to you or your relationship. Instead, we encourage you to find the ring that reflects your personality and the commitment you have found in marriage. 

For some, this may mean eschewing conventional trends and designs and finding an alternative ring. 

At CJ Charles, we bring a wealth of expertise to assist you in finding that perfect, unique piece. We offer a vast array of alternative rings that are sure to provide inspiration and delight—and allow you to express yourself the way you want. From the perfect engagement ring setting to a unique center stone, find a ring that’s as unique as your love. 

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Written By: Vahid Moradi

Vahid Moradi’s lifelong passion, dedication, and commitment for the jewelry industry led him to become the respected owner of CJ Charles Jewelers in 1988. From that moment, Moradi’s single focus in business was to become recognized as the pinnacle of value and world-class quality in the his Community. Over 34 years later, CJ Charles continues to grow and thrive as a successful, family-owned business that consistently provides exceptional service to all their clientele.


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