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We've hit March and we're almost through the first quarter of the year (is it just us or is the year beginning to fly by?). That notwithstanding, the year is still young and what better to signify youth than this month's birthstone – the aquamarine gemstone.


Get to know your sea-stone

Birthstone for the month of March and the zodiac sign of Scorpio, the aquamarine draws its name from the Latin phrase "aqua marinus" which means "water of the sea"...and when you think of that gorgeous color, the name makes a whole lot of sense! This stone ranges from a pale light blue to a deep blue and even to a bluish-green; truly the color of all the seas. While a fairly common gemstone, the price varies according to the color, with the deeper hues commanding a higher price. Brazil is the largest aquamarine supplier, followed by Pakistan, Russia, China, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Mozambique and a few others.

Blue is not just the sea...it is also the sky. With a shade that contains the nature of both sea and sky, the aquamarine is said to embody eternal life. Perhaps it is a natural continuation that for many hundred years, it has been the symbol of youth, health, hope and fidelity. Of course, most stones have the odd mundane use as well – in that vein, folklore held that the aquamarine warded off gossip.


Aquamarines in the ancient world

Considering its affinity with the sea, it's no wonder that that's where the legends began. Believed to have been found in mermaids' treasure chests, sailors long held the aquamarine to be a talisman of luck and protection; they carved the stone into amulets of the god Neptune (or Poseidon) to protect them while they were at sea. Even today, it remains a protection stone for those traveling on or near water, and an aquamarine given to someone is to gift them with safety.

Not just a protection stone, ancient cultures also imbued the aquamarine with more peaceful qualities; the Romans believed that carving a frog into the stone effected a reconciliation between enemies. Another Roman legend said that the stone absorbed and heightened the feeling of young love, and was considered the perfect gift to a new bride from her husband, after consummating their marriage.


Spirituality and mysticism with the aquamarine gemstone

As the embodiment of the sea which also reflects the heavens (quite literally), the aquamarine is considered an infinitely reflective stone perfect for discovering hidden meanings in reality. Prophets, mystics and shamans have long drawn on the symmetry of this stone to aid in their meditations and spiritual journeys.

Those who greatly desired peace and serenity held the aquamarine in high esteem as it was believed to raise the spirits. For those advanced in the art of meditation, the aquamarine helped them to see all manner of truths, both in the world around them and within.

Cut into a crystal ball, it was used as an oracle stone to foretell the future. Used as a single stone suspended above a bowl of water (filled with letters of the alphabet) on a thread, it was used as a divining stone to answer questions...much like an ancient Ouija board!


The mind and body with the aquamarine

Submerging the aquamarine in water was simultaneously said to strengthen the powers of the stone while also endowing the water with healing powers. The aquamarine was favored to aid with treating poisons and healing the heart, liver, stomach, mouth and throat. As an amulet, it was said to bring relief from pain while also curing the wearer of laziness and making them more friendly and intellectual.

On a more mental level, the aquamarine is said to heighten intellectual reasoning and improve the wearer's ability and speed of response to situations. Emotionally, with its water-nature, the stone helps to cleanse the wearer and create avenues for communication, while also balancing negative emotions like anger and fear.


Love and the aquamarine

Among its many powers is the power to soothe. This quality makes the stone of great affinity for married couples and young lovers, as it is said to help them work out their differences and ensures a long, fulfilling marriage. Medieval cultures believed that the aquamarine could reawaken the love between married couples if it had faded. An aquamarine eternity band is considered the ultimate romantic gift as it symbolizes the eternal nature of the relationship.

Even in platonic relationships, this stone promotes feelings of trust, harmony, friendship and sympathy. So, whether the love of lovers or friends, the aquamarine is the stone to cement and strengthen that relationship.


Your own piece of sea and sky

Youth, hope, friendship, love, healing and protection (not to mention divination!)...could you ask for more from one stone? And let's be fair, ladies...you know, and so do we, that this shade of blue looks gorgeous against any skin tone, so you'll never go wrong with an aquamarine bauble. It's time to pull out the ones you have and wear them...and if you dont' have any yet, well we can help you with that. We have a few pieces that we think are beautiful and will look stunning on you:

Impressive Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

Impressive Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

Aquamarine Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Aquamarine Diamond Chandelier Earrings

16ct Aquamarine Ring

16ct Aquamarine Ring

14k White Gold Aquamarine Diamond Florette Earrings

14k White Gold Aquamarine Diamond Florette Earrings

23ct Aquamarine Diamond Ring

23ct Aquamarine Diamond Ring


Don't you just love them? If these aren't quite your look, please keep in touch with us...we have a consistently changing inventory and at a future date, we will definitely have a piece that calls to you!


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