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The El Camino Real Experience is the best of a road trip and a journey along historic paths, conducted in unparalleled luxury. Over the course of five days, participants of this rally get to experience scenic drives along breathtaking vistas and five-star accommodations with VIP treatment along every lap of the journey.


What is the El Camino Real Experience

The El Camino Real Experience was created in answer to a burgeoning demand for custom experiences across all interests – automobiles, lifestyle and everything in between. The end result?  An unforgettable lifestyle experience for well-heeled participant couples across a series events over the course of five days.

The 2014 edition of this luxurious rally, which took place from September 30th to October 4th, was a journey through some of the breathtaking vistas of California. Beginning in San Diego and ending in Sonoma with stops in Santa Barbara and Half Moon Bay and the awards dinner and finale in Napa, the rally saw by-invitation-only participants, drawn from the giant fan base of fashion, travel and exotic cars, being treated to a second-to-none experience.

As they traversed the length of this amazing journey, the participants were, as per proud tradition, treated to the best of hotels and resorts with secured parking at all locations (very useful when you're driving Lamborghinis and Bentleys!) and spa treatments, VIP entrance to fabulous customized events, and even private tours.

The biggest charm of this rally, apart from the sheer luxuriousness of it, is the historical element built into each experience. This edition has the drive cover the original El Camino Real – "The Kings Highway" – which is believed to be the route that missionaries traveled from mission to mission (a belief helped along by the missionary bells along the path). Nothing like the sheer romanticism of Californian history against a backdrop of unbeatable class.


CJ Charles Jewelers and The El Camino Real Experience 2014

An amazing venture must be matched by amazing brands, and this ethos was met in all the sponsoring brands who were a part of this iconic adventure. Among the sponsor brands for this edition of the El Camino Real Experience was CJ Charles Jewelers and the Panerai Boutique of La Jolla, who displayed  and presented their collections for the participants. As a brand that confers the feeling of exclusivity, these Panerai watches were a brilliant rounding-out to the overall feeling of being among a very special elite in this bespoke experience!

For a quick glimpse of what this year's El Camino Experience was like (and to see some of our Panerai watches as well), check out the highlights in this video:

So, when next year's Experience comes around, perhaps we'll meet as participant and sponsor. In the meantime, swing by our store in La Jolla if you'd like to see if any of our Panerais suit your look...or any of our other watch brands. And if watches aren't just right, we've a whole host of jewelry to win your heart as well! Contact us if you'd like to know more about us, our online catalog, or to schedule a visit.


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