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A Cartier gold watch – this must have been what John Keats had in mind when he said "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". And what could be more beautiful than gold cases against leather straps? Although small gold and strap watches will always be a favorite among women, gone are the days when dainty was the only choice a woman had!

In the world of today's options, women are making more confident and bolder choices in who they are, what they do and what they wear. And their watch selections are changing accordingly. If you're ready to move past the slim and small look but you've not quite acquired the confidence to wear a really large watch, Cartier's there for you!

We've taken a browse through their collections and found these two pieces that we think would be great for you – whether as a new direction in your watch selections, or as a stepping stone to larger choices.


Which medium Cartier gold watch calls to you?

Choosing your Cartier gold watch is an intensely personal and thoroughly enjoyable experience. There's an incredible thrill and anticipation to looking at an array of watches and figuring out which one speaks to you. So, from the selections we've come up with, which one says "pick me!" to you?


Ballon Bleu de Cartier 33mm

The Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch, even with a diameter of 33mm, still maintains its aura of delicate lightness –  ideal for the woman who loves a large look without being overpowered by its size. This watch has an 18k pink gold fluted crown set with a blue sapphire cabochon, protected by an arc that melds it into the curves of the 18k pink gold case. It is rounded out with a semi-matte alligator skin strap and an 18k pink gold ardillon buckle.

As compared to the 28mm models, this dial size allows you to truly appreciate the beauty of the lacquered silver opaline flinqué dial. A flinqué dial has concentric intersecting straight or wavy lines that have been engraved either by hand, using a graver, or with a machine, using a rose-engine. Can you see such perfection and not fall in love with it?

Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch, 33mm W6920069

Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch, 33mm W6920069


Tank Americaine

Large never implies chunky, a case in point being the Tank Americaine Medium model watch. Coming in at a size of 41.6 x 22.6 mm, the watch sounds deceptively large! However, most of its size is its impressively long case, which gives it a beautiful melody of lines, curves and angles – a song for your wrist, don't you think?

Also available in a case of 18k pink gold, this watch has an 18k pink gold octagonal crown set with a sapphire and an alligator skin strap paired with an 18k pink gold ardillon buckle. Similar to the Ballon Bleu de Cartier piece, this watch also a lovely silver flinqué dial; however, the sheer size of the dial offers you one extra feature – a calendar display at 6 o'clock!

Cartier Tank Americaine watch, medium model W2620030


Whether you're wearing it or admiring it on your nightstand, these are two watches you just can't take your eyes from. Just picture taking one of them for your very own. Contact us today if you think this could be the one for you. Or better yet, visit CJ Charles Jewelers to check them out in person. Be warned though...once you try on a Cartier gold watch, you won't be able to bear leaving without it!


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