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Have you given a thought to ancient coin jewelry? As far as the world and everything in it has progressed, we have always been fascinated with the past – especially its jewelry. Despite the dazzling beauty of what can be created today, there is an unparalleled charm to old jewelry and a thrill to wearing a piece of an age long past!

Coin jewelry, as the name implies, is jewelry whose focal piece is a very old silver, gold or bronze coin, which is set into earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and cuff links. Men and women the world over have been wearing coin jewelry for many centuries now – talk about a lasting trend!


What's so fascinating about coin jewelry?

Coin jewelry is the ultimate blending of a sculptor's art and a jeweler's craftsmanship. Coin jewelry is usually made using precious metals, but it also available in non-precious materials like wood, leather, etc.

Ancient coin jewelry is so popular because it is a meeting of art and treasured pasts – a way to wear a piece of history or hold onto a memory. It is also a combination of sentiment with metal value, considering the purity of the gold, silver or bronze used to make the coin itself! It brings new meaning to the value of history, don't you think?


What to look for while buying coin jewelry

At its most basic level, this is jewelry so the beauty is what needs to appeal to you first! If you like what you see, your next concern is quality. Good quality coin jewelry has a symmetrical design with proper balance and a superior finish (no rough edges, level and uniformly set gemstones, gloss polishing on the front and back, and no blemishes). You should also pay close attention to how secure the coin is in the setting and whether the shank of the coin is too thin.

You can visit this link to know more about coin jewelry and how to maintain it.


Where you can find excellent coin jewelry

Bulgari is one of the leading designers when it comes to platinum, gold and silver coin jewelry. Known for their creativity, designs, technical expertise and finish, Bulgari is definitely a go to if you're looking to invest in coin jewelry.

If you're interested in beginning your own collection of coin jewelry, CJ Charles Jewelers can give you a start. As an authorized dealer for Bulgari, we have a Monete Yellow Gold Antique Silver Coin Ring and a Monete Yellow Gold Antique Bronze Coin Necklace. In our collection of estate jewelry, we also have a pair of Bulgari Coin Earrings.   

Bulgari Monete Yellow Gold Antique Silver Coin Ring 326807

Bulgari Monete Yellow Gold Antique Silver Coin Ring 326807

Bulgari Monete Yellow Gold Antique Bronze Coin Necklace 346330

Bulgari Monete Yellow Gold Antique Bronze Coin Necklace 346330

Bulgari Coin Earrings

Bulgari Coin Earrings


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