14 Unique Men’s Wedding Bands

Written By: Vahid Moradi

A wedding gives you a golden opportunity to celebrate eternal love with your closest friends and family. Express your love in an unconventional way with our collection of unique men’s wedding bands to stand out among the crowd. 

Finding a unique wedding band that speaks to your soul can help you set an intention for your married life to come. Here’s a list of our favorite extraordinary men’s wedding rings that may leave you feeling ready for all that’s ahead of you. 

Try a Tungsten Band

Go for a classic look with a unique twist with men’s tungsten wedding bands. Tungsten metal is known for its robust and unyielding structure, making it a perfect ring choice to celebrate your eternal bond with a classic yet unique wedding ring. Make it your own by choosing a style, color, and finish that speaks to your personal style. Whether you consider yourself a minimalist, an innovative modern man, or a vintage-extraordinaire, rest assured there’s a Tungsten wedding band for you.

  1. Solid Tungsten Men’s BandFor any minimalist man seeking a unique Tungsten ring, a Solid Tungsten Men’s Band could ring true for you. Let the gorgeous Tungsten metal speak for itself. With a subtle yet sophisticated band, you can let the world know the key to happiness: simplicity.

  2. Black Tungsten Carbide BandOpt for a sleek Black Tungsten Carbide Ring for a stylish wedding band with a contemporary twist. Whether you’re out to dinner, in the office, or cuddled up at home, a black band can act as a stylish and cherished accessory.

  3. Men’s Tungsten Carbide Band If you’re a fan of old-fashioned styles but long for a more up-to-date look, consider a Men’s Tungsten Carbide Band. With a dark interior lined with shining silver, you can get the traditional wedding band vibe with a touch of new-age nuance. 

Dive in with Dazzling Diamond Inlays

Add a touch of sparkle to your wedding band. The addition of diamonds to your wedding band can show off your confidence, your bold sense of fashion, or your glittering personality. If you’re hoping to show off any of these qualities (or all three), you should consider the prospects of a gorgeous diamond inlay. Let these styles be an inspiration for your wedding diamond ring:

  1. 18K White Gold Diamond Link BandCelebrate being linked arm and arm with your new spouse by opting for a dazzling diamond band to remind you of them. An 18K White Gold Diamond Link Band combines the optical illusion of linked metal with a brilliant border lined with diamonds. Feel the difference a little sparkle can make and brighten any room you walk in.

  2. Estate Men’s 14K Rose Gold Diamond BandIf you’re looking for a showstopper, look no further than a Rose Gold Diamond Band. This wedding band provides a romantic color and comes with a gorgeous line of six round brilliant cut diamonds. The straight line of diamonds shows that you’ve got some flair, but you’ve also got your ducks (and diamonds) in a row.

  3. Hammered 18K White Gold Diamond Screw BandIf you’re looking for a wedding band with layers of complexity, consider the Hammered 18K White Gold Diamond Screw Band. The more you look at this band, the more detail jumps out. You may start off admiring the beautiful white gold ring finish. Then, you may move on to take note of the gorgeous hammered panels that add a layer of delicate texture. And finally, you can fall in love with the diamond strips laid across the top with a subtle screw. 

Immerse Yourself with Intricate Carvings

If you're attracted to small, detailed designs, you may want to take a closer look at our carved wedding bands. Carvings are also a great way for creating custom rings. Finding a carving that holds some meaning for you and your partner can offer you a new outlook on your future together, and create a unique wedding band. Browse these lovely carved wedding bands to see if any resonate. 

  1. Stephen Webster Silver Carved Thorn RingDo you consider your partner a rose? A precious, delicate flower to admire and watch over? In that case, maybe you’d consider yourself a protective thorn. A Stephen Webster Silver Carved Thorn Ring displays the delicate beauty that stems from thorns. Bursting forth with shining silver metal, this beautifully carved wedding band teems with life and love.

  2. Men’s Tungsten Carbide Band with Celtic Knots & DragonsWould you say your partner saved you? Perhaps they vanquished the proverbial dragon and rescued you from your isolated tower. Or maybe you both cherish your ancestry. Whatever the inclination, a Tungsten Carbide Band with Celtic Knots & Dragons makes for an epic love story. With the strength of dragons and Tungsten metal, you can rest assured this ring will stay by your side through your happily ever after.

  3. Stephen Webster Men’s 18K Rose Gold and Sterling Silver Band If you and your partner consider each other works of art, then an 18K Rose Gold and Sterling Silver Band could complement your gallery nicely. The stunning detailed carving in this band with rose gold trim is not unlike a still-life painting in a golden frame. 

Select a Distinct Design

If you want an alternative wedding rings to feel unique without sparkles or color, why not switch up the wedding ring design? Many traditional bands offer a smooth, sleek, rounded feel. You can take your band to the next level by opting for an unconventional pattern or configuration. Take a peek into the world of innovative wedding bands. 

  1. 18KT White Gold Beveled Men’s BandThe term bevel often gets thrown around in the world of carpentry and welding.1 Jewelers have taken it upon themselves to introduce beveling into the fashion world. Thus, creating gorgeous pieces such as a White Gold Beveled Men’s Band. With alternating lines of elevated, sloped panels, this band has tons of visual and tactile interest made for a man who prioritizes a clean look while thinking outside the box.

  2. Hammered 18K White Gold Link BandA Hammered 18K White Gold Link Band provides a new way to think about texture. The delicate detail of the metal hammering illuminates the steady craftsmanship of the piece. Adding white gold links along the top and bottom showcases yet another masterful use of depth. This wedding band belongs to a man who enjoys and understands the smaller, finer things in life. 

Go for the Gold

With all of the golden years ahead of you, why not give yourself a head start? A wedding band infused with gold calls upon past traditions while giving them a modern twist. Memorialize your happiest day and leave yourself room to grow with a uniquely gorgeous gold band. 

  1. Black Cobalt 18K Yellow Gold Band – Take golden sheen to the extreme with a Black Cobalt 18K Yellow Gold Band. This band uses gold for a reminiscent, vintage feel and adds a modern edge with a stark black lining. Whether you prefer to light up your night out or shine in the morning sun, a black and yellow gold band works well for any man with a bright and bold personality.

  2. Estate A. Jaffe Men’s Yellow Gold BandGet the best of both worlds with a band that combines yellow and white gold. With a vibrant yellow gold exterior and a soft white gold interior, this band would suit a man with a sunny disposition.

  3. Yellow Gold & Platinum Men’s BandGive your gold a chance to shine while highlighting an equally stunning silver interior. A Yellow Gold & Platinum Men’s Band marries two traditional forms of wedding bands to create an unconventional band to bond you and your partner together. Show the world what a strong partnership you have with a wedding band that says it all. 

Be Uniquely You with CJ Charles

Whether you choose a tungsten wedding band or 14k rose gold diamond ring, the perfect wedding band is unique to you. At CJ Charles, we know the importance of finding a wedding band that feels like you. When picking out a ring that’s intended for long-time use, it’s necessary to take the time to find a band you’ll look forward to wearing. 

With some help from CJ Charles, you can look forward to your wedding day and everything that follows. 

Our wide selection of wedding bands for men and women covers everything from the unique and remarkable to the simple and elegant. Browse our diverse collection and find your perfect match in minutes. 


Written By: Vahid Moradi

Vahid Moradi’s lifelong passion, dedication, and commitment for the jewelry industry led him to become the respected owner of CJ Charles Jewelers in 1988. From that moment, Moradi’s single focus in business was to become recognized as the pinnacle of value and world-class quality in the his Community. Over 34 years later, CJ Charles continues to grow and thrive as a successful, family-owned business that consistently provides exceptional service to all their clientele.



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