Factory Authorized Cartier Service Center in San Diego

Authorized Cartier Watch Repair Service
CJ Charles Jewelers is an authorized Cartier Service Center providing exceptional Cartier watch repair, restoration & maintenance services. Our factory trained technicians have over 75 years of watchmaking, restoration & watch repair experience. If you are looking for a Cartier repair company, you can have confidence when choosing CJ Charles Jewelers. Our store is also a Cartier authorized dealer so you’ll be able to shop other genuine Cartier timepieces as you wait for your watch to be professionally serviced.

Authorized Cartier Watch Repair & Services Offered: Complete Overhaul · Battery Service · Case & Bracelet Refinishing
All Cartier Watch Repair Services Include: 1 Year Warranty · Genuine Factory Parts · Exceptional Service
FREE 4-Point Inspection: Water Resistance · Worn Pins & Links · Timing & Accuracy · Magnetization

CJ Charles repairs and services most Cartier watch model and movements. Cartier recommends general servicing once every five years. In order to have your Cartier watch diagnosed or repaired, we invite you to visit us or fill out the form above.

 Cartier Watch We Repair: Ballon Bleu, Must 21, Panthere, Ronde, Pasha, Santos, and Tank Francaise

Cartier Watch Repair, Cartier Tank RepairComplete Cartier Watch Repair Services:

Cartier Complete Service: Involves the carrying out a full check of the mechanical workings of your Cartier watch. A complete Cartier watch service is essential when a timepiece has not been checked for several years or its mechanism no longer works correctly. Complete Cartier servicing is recommended every five years.

  • watch is disassembled
  • worn parts are replaced
  • watch is checked for magnetization and demagnetized
  • watch movement is restored to factory specifications
  • watch's rate and power reserve are checked for 48 hours
  • water-resistance is checked
  • bracelet and clasp are checked and adjusted
  • case and metal bracelet are polished
  • watch is reassembled

    Aesthetic Cartier Watch Repair Services:




    Cartier Aesthetic Service allows the case of your Cartier watch to rediscover its original aesthetic appearance. Performed by a master watchmaker, includes the following operations:

    • watch is completely disassembled
    • movement is removed from the case (but no work is carried out on the movement, dial or hands)
    • crystal and crown are replaced (if necessary)
    • gaskets on timepiece are replaced (if necessary)
    • case and/or the metal bracelet are polished
    • rhodium plating if the watch is made of rhodium-plated white gold
    • watch's basic mechanism is cased up
    • reinforcement of the case's water-resistance
    • airtightness and water-resistance are tested
    • watch's workings are tested: the rate, amplitude and power reserve
    • an aesthetic inspection is carried out in accordance with Cartier quality criteria

    Cartier Check-up Services:

    Cartier Check-up service enables you to verify that your Cartier watch is working properly. Performed by a master watchmaker, it includes the following operations:

    • an aesthetic inspection in accordance with Cartier quality criteria
    • testing of the case's water-resistance
    • testing of the watch's timekeeping (to see if it is fast or slow)
    • testing of the watch's power reserve and amplitude
    • checking the watch's magnetization, with demagnetization if required