Tank Louis Cartier Watch - The Standard For Tank Watches

The original Cartier Tank watches were created by Louis Cartier in 1917. This iconic collection is further divided into sub-collections, each of which bear the concealed lugs and sleek appearance inherent to the original Cartier Tank watch design.

One of these sub-collections is the Tank Louis Cartier, so named because it was the watch worn by Louis Cartier himself! Launched in 1922, this line is distinguished by its rounded horns. These rounded lugs are what sets the Tank watches apart from the established rectangular form. The Tank Louis Cartier watches were considered the standard for all Tank watches! With white gold, yellow gold, pink gold options and more, there is a luxury watch style that is perfect for anyone.

With its slim appearance and aura of absolute class, these watches are perfect for men and women who are partial to understated elegance. They want undeniable quality and stature without flaunting it. This is a Tank Louis Cartier!

CJ Charles is an authorized dealer for Cartier watches in La Jolla and San Diego and we are proud to offer a great selection of Tank Louis Cartier watches. Available in a range of gold cases, sizes, and dial options, these luxury watches are a must have for all Cartier enthusiasts! We also offer an extensive selection of timeless, vintage pre owned watches at CJ Charles to browse.

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