Pre-owned Breguet Watches

Among the revered names in fine watchmaking, Breguet has the honor of being one of the oldest surviving establishments in the world. Found by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1755, Breguet has been home to some of the most influential innovations in horology.

Among these innovations was the launch of the "perpetuelles" (the first self-winding watches) in 1780, the perpetual calendar and a patented movement with equation of time and calendar in 1785, and most notably, the invention of the tourbillon by Abraham-Louis Breguet himself.

With its reputation for artistic perfection and exceptional complications, the demand for pre-owned Breguet watches is understandably high. The estate watch market is the perfect place for watch lovers to get their choice in used Breguet watches that are available at an affordable price while still being in great condition!

As a dealer for estate watches in La Jolla and San Diego, CJ Charles is proud to offer a great selection of pre-owned Breguet watches. Each of our watches is certified under our pre-owned watch program. Peruse our ever-changing collection and make your find...who knows, you may have the immense luck of finding a piece with great personal history!

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