How To Wind Your Breitling Watch

The Breitling watch brand is a global luxury brand, which can lead you to wonder where are Breitling watches made? This Swiss luxury watch brand has been one of the go tos for a luxury watch. But as luxury as it is, some things like winding your own Breitling watch can be easily done.The method for winding your Breitling watch is very simple. Here is a quick step by step guide on how to wind a Breitling watch properly:

1) Find the winding crown positioned on the right side of the watch’s case

2) Unlock the winding crown by turning the crown counterclockwise while very gently pulling out

3) Once the crown is in the unlocked position, begin winding in a clockwise motion

4) For brand new watches, wind the watch upwards of 40 times or until the winding limiter makes it hard to wind the watch any further

5) For watches that simply need a quick reset, wind 10-15 times or until you start to feel some tension in the winds

6) Once you feel the tension in the winding crown, you have done enough winding

7) Gently press the winding crown back into place

8) Enjoy the precision and glamour of your Breitling watch!

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Can I overwind my watch?

No, you cannot! One of the nice things about every Breitling’s mechanical watch is that they (like most other fine luxury watch brands) contain a winding limiter. This means that you cannot hurt the internal mechanisms by overwinding. You may, however, irritate your fingers if you try to overwind, so best to keep the winding to about 40 full winds for a new watch and 10 to 15 winds for a watch that just needs to be reset. 

Aren’t Breitling Watches Known For Their Chronographs?

Yes, Breitling watches got their start as a Chronometer-specific watchmaker, which is part of the reason Breitling chronographs are world-renowned. While most Breitling watches include a chronograph that is operated by a separate button outside of the winding crown, some Breitling’s either do not contain a chronograph or offer a “simple chronograph” that is controlled when the winding crown is brought to a specific position.

How Do I Operate The Chronograph Once My Watch Is Wound?

Typically, the winding function doesn’t have anything to do with your watch’s chronograph. In fact, one of the things that put Breitling watches on the map was the introduction of a separate button above the winding crown specifically designed to control the chronograph function. 

Depending on your watch, or even the brand of watch, the exact method of operating the chronograph on your luxury watch may differ. With that said, here is a relatively standard operating procedure for using your Breitling watch’s chronograph as outlined here:

In most luxury watches, initiating the chronograph is done with the winding crown, but as we already know, with Breitling watches, it is more commonly done with a separate button above the crown itself. For the exact method that controls your Breitling watch’s chronograph, read the manual.  

For this set of instructions below, we will assume that your particular Breitling watch uses the winding crown instead of a separate button. While this method is more common in Rolex watches, Patek Philippe, or alike, there are certain Breitling watches that employ this method also. 

For example, the entire Breitling Superocean line features a simple chronograph that is operated with the winding crown instead of a separate button. Many times, waterproof and water resistance watches, like those in the Breitling Superocean line, employ the use of the winding crown to start and stop their chronograph as a way to keep the waterproof seal on the case intact. 

Step One: Initiate The Chronograph - For some watches, the winding crown simply needs to be pressed in toward the watch, and for others, the winding crown needs to be brought to a particular position to initiate the complication. 

Step Two: Begin the chronograph - If your Breitling uses a separate button to control the chronograph, this step should be as easy as identifying said button and pressing it once. If your Breitling uses a winding crown, then the crown should operate in the same manner as a separate button. 

Once you have the crown in the correct position to operate the chronograph, simply press down in the crown to begin the chronograph. Typically the crown operates the chronograph when it is in the middle position as this keeps the case secure and watertight while still allowing a function other than winding to take place.

Step Three: Stop and Reset - Depending on the type of chronograph your watch employs, starting, stopping, and resetting your chronograph will take a different number of actions on your part. Remember, a Simple Chronograph requires three presses to get back to the reset position, whereas a Flyback Chronograph only requires two. 

Now that you know how to wind a Breitling watch and control the chronograph function, you can set, keep, and measure time with complete accuracy! It is recommended that you get your Breitling serviced regularly to be sure it is working. Visit CJ Charles, an authorized retailer for any service or assistance you need.

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