Best Women’s Luxury Watches

Written By: Vahid Moradi

What better way to reflect the delicate beauty of womanhood than with a glorious desginer watch? What finer way to compliment the ornate beauty of your best features than with a jewel-encrusted timepiece? Is there a more perfect pairing than the stunning reflection of a luxury watch banded to the breathtaking woman wearing it? Let's face it, luxury watches were made to be worn by strong, beautiful women, which is exactly why this gift guide for the best women's luxury watches will help you choose the perfect watch for the perfect woman. 

Whether you are looking to add to your personal collection with a little gift for yourself, exploring the best jewelry gifts for girlfriends, or shopping for that special someone, CJ Charles has the ideal selection of women's luxury timepieces. Our wide variety of brands and styles such as our collection of IWC watches and $20,000 watches, ensures that your choice will leave a lasting impression on the woman you are shopping for. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but all who behold your beauty wearing one of the following watches will agree that the luxury watch you choose, and the woman wearing it, make nothing short of a stunning pair. Read on for our women’s luxury  watch guide to find the best watch whether it's a women's luxury watch, a designer watch, or a dress watch. 

Luxury Watches Vs. Dress Watches

When it comes to women's watches, there tends to be a bit of overlap between a luxury watch and a dress watch. Before we get into the minutia, let's first take a look at the thousand-foot view in order to generally define these two categories of watches; especially in regards to how they relate to one another. Very simply, all dress watches (so long as they are made by a luxury watchmaker) are luxury watches; but not all luxury watches are dress watches. Luxury watches are those that are made by a luxury watch designer/manufacturer, and each watchmaker has their own flare on what constitutes a dress watch. 

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Here are some of the specifics about what makes a luxury watch:

From Patek Philippe to Audemars Piguet, all luxury watches are defined by three distinguishing factors.

1) They are aesthetically pleasing and often visually stunning, making them equal parts jewelry and watch. They use ornate precious metals, delicately intricate designs, and precious gems. The combination of intricate design and stunning materials make luxury watches just as much a fine piece of jewelry as they are a timepiece.

2) Luxury watches aren't just defined by their external beauty; they are also defined by their incredible internal intricacies. In watchmaking, the individual mechanisms of the watch are called complications. Examples of complications in a luxury watch include a secondhand, date, chronometers, etc. The more complications a watch has, the more impressive it is, and a luxury watch is nothing if not impressive.

3) Luxury watches are defined by their accuracy. This specification is related to the previous in that a watch that boasts many complications is not a luxury watch if those complications are not perfectly precise. Ultimately, it is precision that defines a luxury watch. While it may seem intuitive that a watch is accurate, the battle with precision and accuracy is ongoing for watchmakers. While some have come close, no one has ever truly perfected precision. Luxury watches are defined by how long they can be perfect before needing an internal adjustment.


Here is what defines a dress watch:

A dress watch is categorized by a combination of the brand, materials, and design, all of which create a certain aesthetic. While not all luxury watches are dress watches, dress watches often tend to be made by a luxury watch brand.  

Don't get us wrong, by no means do we mean "simplicity" in terms of lacing elegance or being without a stunning visual aesthetic. If anything, dress watches are often more stunning due to their ability to be striking and bold in a smaller profile. Subtle elegance is key to a dress watch as it is made to be striking without drawing too much attention to itself. 

Additionally, dress watches often feature elements that might be considered more jewelry than watch, but a situation that requires a dress watch tends to be better suited for a watch that is simple in its complexities and bold in its physical features.

Now that we better understand dress watches and how they fall in with luxury watches, we can look at some of the top luxury brands for women and the best luxury watches they offer!



Slightly more accessible but no less renowned, Cartier is the luxury watch brand best suited for daily use. With just enough wow factor to be a welcomed dose of daily elegance, these stunning watches displayed at certified Cartier watch dealers are glamorous but never gaudy and stunning without being too extravagant. Cartier began as a high-end jewelry brand in the late 1800s and shifted to watchmaking in the early 1900s. Cartier's watches wear like a fine bracelet, and there is always more to a Cartier watch than initially meets the eye.

The stunning elegance of Cartier is just a small part of what makes these watches popular amongst women. While there are certainly cases where a custom Cartier can cost as much as a luxury car or home, many Cartier watches are reasonably priced considering the reputation of this watch as an exclusive luxury item with watches ranging from $3,000 to $10,000 for a Cartier.

CARTIER BALLON BLEU DE CARTIER WATCH - This 28 mm women's luxury dress watch features a quartz movement, steel case, 18K pink gold bezel, and a fluted 18K pink gold crown; all set with a synthetic cabochon-shaped spinel. Additionally, a 12-zone flinqué dial sits atop a silvered lacquered sunray effect set with 11 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.05 carat for ultimate brilliance. For the woman who values a luxury watch that doubles as jewelry, look no further than this stunning piece from Cartier.

There you have it! Five incredible women’s luxury watch brands and five stunning women’s designer watches  for the special woman in your life. A luxury watch, whether big or small, can make a significant statement as opposed to a traditional watch or sports watch.

Whether you're looking for details like a diamond watch, a rose gold watch, a bracelet watch, or other specifications, CJ Charles has got it. For a look at the full CJ, Charles catalog, visit us online or at one of our storefronts. Our team of watch enthusiasts is always ready and eager to assist with whatever questions you may have about purchasing a new women's luxury watch in order to find the ideal timepiece for her!


Let's begin with the celebrated Swiss watchmaker, Jaeger-LeCoultre. This watchmaker is best known for its superior quality control, which translates to perfect timekeeping in a stunning physical presentation. Crafting components for watches is an arduous and difficult task. Still, Jaeger-LeCoultre is one of the only watchmakers in the world that makes most of their components in-house. This intensive and time-consuming process is part of what makes the internal mechanism of their watches absolutely flawless. 

Watch enthusiasts best know JLC for their Reverso series. The original Reverso was the first of its kind and allowed just the face to be flipped upside down independent of the band. This face guarding tech was duplicated and implemented for other variations that have been just as well-received as the first-ever Reverso. The reverso is a favorite luxury watch amongst women as its small, sleek profile fits well on a women's wrist. Most LeCoultre women's watches range in price from $8,000 to $15,000. While prices can certainly vary depending on if the watch is pre-owned or high-end, the previously mentioned price range is a good estimate for a standard LeCoultre watch that is purchased brand new.

JAEGER LECOULTRE REVERSO CLASSIC DUETTO SMALL - For  those who wish to take a minimalist approach to their luxury watch, the Duetto Small version of Jaeger LeCoultre's iconic "Reverso" is a must add to the collection. This watch features a 21 mm stainless steel case with a silvered grey dial that can be reversed to a black dial on a leather strap. Hand-wound movement, 18 jewels, calibre 844, and power reserve of 38 hours mean that it is as precise as it is stunning. In the world of stainless steel watches, this piece stands out for its dual-face design and the legendary craftsmanship of Jaeger LeCoultre.

Written By: Vahid Moradi
Vahid Moradi’s lifelong passion, dedication, and commitment for the jewelry industry led him to become the respected owner of CJ Charles Jewelers in 1988. From that moment, Moradi’s single focus in business was to become recognized as the pinnacle of value and world-class quality in the his Community. Over 34 years later, CJ Charles continues to grow and thrive as a successful, family-owned business that consistently provides exceptional service to all their clientele.

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