Pre-owned Bvlgari Watches

Bvlgari first began as a jewelry shop in Rome, established in 1884. Since then, it has established itself as the epitome of Italian excellence in watches and fine jewelry! Drawing deeply upon its Greek and Roman roots, Bvlgari creations depict a clear melding of this ancient splendor in modern creations.

When it opened its first flagship store in 1905 on the Via dei Condotti in Rome, Bvlgari became a place where the cultural and cinematic world met the aristocracy - Hollywood meets La Dolce Vita.

Like the brand's jewelry, Bvlgari watches are creations of unique design, with an ongoing commitment to bold innovation and the highest standards of functionality. These watches are the epitome of luxury!

If you love Bvlgari watches but you're not looking for a brand new piece, then an estate watch is what you have in mind. Pre-owned Bvlgari watches extend across modern collections, as well as discontinued collections and vintage pieces. Whatever the piece, a pre-owned Bvlgari watch is a chance to own a piece that is simultaneously classic and modern.

 As a dealer for estate watches in La Jolla and San Diego, CJ Charles is proud to present our collection of pre-owned Bvlgari watches. Each of the watches is numbered and certified as per our pre-owned watch program. Browse through our constantly changing selection and find your piece of Italian excellence. 

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