Clé de Cartier - Turning the Key to the Past

Another triumph for the house of Cartier is the collection of Clé de Cartier watches. Launched with great ceremony in April 2015, these watches hold in them all the promise hinted at by Cartier at SIHH 2015. With this new addition to Cartier's watch collections, the luxury watchmaker tips its hat to the illustrious past of watchmaking.

An elegant and streamlined round shape, at first glance, the Clé de Cartier is typical of the Cartier style. The key to what makes it unique lies in its name. Like the watches of old which had to be wound, the act of resetting the date and time on this piece requires the traditional turning of a key. Hence, the name "Clé" - meaning "key"!

Designed for both men and women, the Clé de Cartier watches are perfect for those who appreciate the forward-thinking and innovations inherent to luxury watchmaking, while still maintaining elements of the journey that the horological world has made in the last few hundred years.

As the authorized dealer for Cartier watches in La Jolla and San Diego, CJ Charles is proud to give you access to different models of this brand new Cartier line. Whatever your preferences in straps, case materials and diamond accompaniments, the Clé de Cartier will not disappoint. 

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