Cartier Crash Watches - Very Niche!

The line of Crash watches came into existence in 1967 in "Swinging London". Given the era personified the idea of total freedom, it was no surprise that these watches are an embodiment of that spirit. As the story goes, the Crash watch was inspired from a Cartier Baignoire wristwatch that had been very badly damaged and had a melted appearance.

With a well-earned reputation as a great maker of shaped watches, the unusual appearance of the Crash watch is something that catches every eye. No one could claim that this is a conformist piece! With its original contours, bracelet and pave diamond case, there's a very delicate, feminine look to these timepieces. 

In a choice of white and rose gold, with or without a diamond-encrusted bracelet, these avant-garde watches call to people with bold and original style; ones who are looking to make a statement. While originally a ladies watch, there are now some masculine avatars as well. These watches are niche watches that have a certain amount of rarity own one is to be among a select few!

As an authorized dealer for Cartier watches in La Jolla and San Diego, CJ Charles is proud to offer you a selection of the Crash Cartier watches. Grab your chance to be the proud owner of a unique, historic watch.

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