Underwood Safe Fifty Module Watch Winders

Safe with Fifty Winders and six Drawers outside covered in Briarwood veneer. Powered externally by way of a single transformer. The winders cabinet comes up by two electrical linear pistons. The winders come up by a remote control. The safe is locked by way of triple expansion bar rods, using a key system Double Mapp A8. The key lock is manufactured by the reputable German company “Stuv”. The combination lock system is manufactured by an internationally known American company called “Sargent and Greenleaf” (http://www.sargentandgreenleaf.com/) . The combination lock is a co-axial mounted triple disc system, the use of 3 wheels allows for the total of over 1,000,000 different possible combinations. This lock type also features an internal integral “relock” trigger, which thwarts punch attacks.
Winders Cabinet Measures: 70cm*65cm*40cm. Safe closed : 120cm*85cm*75cm. Safe opened : 190cm*85cm*75cm


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