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As you have seen from our website homepage, our blog posts and our weekly newsletters, we've been running a two-week long holiday promotion with the UCSD Moores Cancer Center; from 11/26 to 12/8, we have been donating 5% of our sales value to the Moores Cancer Center.

The last two weeks have been an unqualified success and we expect today, the last day of this promotion, to be the perfect rounding out of an amazing experience of the spirit of giving. Many of our cherished patrons have been enthusiastic participants in this promotion, and have no doubt drawn deep joy from knowing that they're gifting their loved ones with beautiful pieces of jewelry and horology masterpieces, and also giving someone the precious gift of caring enough to be part of the fight against cancer, courtesy the Moores Cancer Center.

If you've not managed to be a part of this tailor-made chance to espouse the spirit of the holiday season, you're still in luck. We've entered the last lap of this very special time and we urge you to grab this chance to truly give! And if you've already made your purchases but are contemplating making a few more...well, we welcome you back with open arms!

Come by our store, browse to your heart's content and then choose your treasures. We hope to see many of you making the most of this offer in the last few hours that we have left. See you at the counter!


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