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October has made its presence felt and brings with it not just one birthstone but two – the opal and the tourmaline. Now, everyone knows that the opal is October's stone, so we've decided to focus on its lesser known sister, the Tourmaline gemstone.

People born in the month of October (although it represents the Zodiac sign Libra) can count themselves lucky, not just because Halloween is around the next bend, but because having the tourmaline as your birthstone is as good as having a good handful of birthstones!

So what is the tourmaline? The gemstone gets its name from the Sinhalese word "turmali", which was what the Sri Lankans called any colored stone back in the day. A tourmaline is a crystal silicate mineral, comes from the quartz family and is essentially found on every continent in the world. The really fine gems are naturally a rare occurrence and are priced accordingly.


Getting to know your tourmaline gemstone

As with all gemstones, the tourmaline also has a good amount of folklore and supernatural powers associated with it. Legend holds that the tourmaline comes in all colors because it traveled along a rainbow and picked up all its colors (such a charming idea). So you can just imagine the range of colors you get to choose from – black to bluish black, yellow, blue to neon blue, lime to dark forest green, red to reddish purple, pink, and colorless. Best of all, some tourmalines are a mix of different colors! Spoilt for choice, aren't we?

Essentially, a tourmaline is associated with healing...but since you have different colors, each one focuses on a different form of healing. So, depending on what you're suffering from, you need to know which tourmaline to pick up.


The tourmaline gemstone through the ages

Of all the gemstones, the tourmaline is believed to be the one with the most metaphysical properties. In general, tourmalines were believed to strengthen the body and spirit and inspire creativity, and were frequently used as talismans. They were also believed to aid in one's understanding, self-confidence and psychic energies, while dispelling negative energies, fear and grief. They were also preferred by alchemists thanks to its ability to create an electrical charge and pick up small particles...they considered it close to the Sorcerer's stone.

Through the ages, different cultures have imbued these stones with a variety of virtues. Ancient Indian ceremonies saw tourmalines being used to bring insight, discover all that which was good, and identify what or who was bringing evil into someone's life. Even today, tribes in Africa and Native Americans and aboriginal groups in Australia regard the tourmaline as a protective talisman.

Today, the toumaline is also believed to attract inspiration, compassion, prosperity and tolerance, balance the right and left sides of the brain, and even balance the male and female energies in our bodies.


Healing with the tourmaline

Medically speaking, tourmalines were said to relax and strengthen the mind and body and help with treating anxiety, blood poisoning, arthritis and heart diseases, and is used to combat bronchitis, pleurisy, pneumonia and diabetes. It is also used to help treat paranoia and dyslexia, and improve upon one's hand-to-eye coordination.

Within these abilities however, specific colors of the tourmaline gemstone have additional qualities.

The most well known tourmaline gemstone is the black tourmaline or Schorl, which helps the psychically-inclined especially, by protecting against negative energies and a general "bad vibe". It also helps to rid the wearer of negative thoughts, stress, anger, anxiety and a low sense of self-worth. To know more about the black tourmaline specifically, visit this link.

The blue tourmaline has a calming effect and promotes relief from stress, better communication, self-awareness, tolerance and harmony. Spiritually, it is said to help rid emotional stress so as to move on with life and let go of the past, and help with meditation; medically, it brings relief from headaches and migraines, helps with thyroid, kidney and bladder problems, and bacterial and viral infections.

The pink tourmaline is associated with all matters of the heart and is considered the ultimate in gemstones for healing old emotional wounds. A representative of feminine energy, it stimulates a feeling of joy, love and relaxation. Physically, it balances the endocrine system and treats heart, lung and skin problems.

The green tourmaline is the masculine counterpart to the pink, and is useful for grounding oneself, overcoming fear, facing confrontation and combating bad habits. It also helps build stamina and vitality in physical activities.

The watermelon tourmaline, which contains blue and green, is considered a blend of the blue and green tourmalines and contains a blend of its energies. It is considered the perfect stone to bring inner peace, heal emotional hurts and reduce stress, depression and anxiety.


Choosing your own tourmaline gemstone

Having learnt all this about tourmalines, we know we're definitely keen on them and we're sure you are too. As of right this moment, we have limited pieces with tourmalines:

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Estate Pink Tourmaline Solitaire Pendant

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