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Natural fancy colored diamonds are rare and expensive; so if you're thinking of buying them, you're definitely prepared for both. And since the rarer the better, you'll love green diamonds! Green diamonds are among the rarest of the rare, second only to natural red diamonds. With its vivid shades of green ranging from light mint to grass green, wearing a green diamond is akin to wearing a piece of nature herself in all her varied hues!

Rough green diamonds are mined in Brazil, South Africa, India, Australia, Congo, Ghana and Siberia, and olive-colored diamonds have been found in the Central African Republic, the Congo and Sierra Leone.


Why are green diamonds so special?

Green diamonds get their color from natural radiation, which causes absorption in the yellow and red layers of the spectrum , which results in the green color. They do occasionally contain a yellowish, bluish or grayish modifying color however, as the green hue is usually restricted to the surface and rarely penetrates the entire stone. Naturally then, the more vivid the color, the rarer the diamond and the more valuable (with the only exception being if the secondary color is blue – they trump a vivid green for even more rarity!). Natural green diamonds are unusual enough that only a mere handful make it into the market each year!

You can see we weren't joking about their rarity...it's almost a once-in-a-lifetime deal to find a natural green diamond. Ironically, even treated ones are unusual to come by...so if you own one, then you're in an elite group of extremely lucky people. To own one is to incite some rather well-deserved envy!


Owning your own piece of nature

If owning a beautiful green diamond has always been a fond and faint wish, it's time for you to make it a reality! We have two beautiful pieces that may interest you:

Fancy Color Diamond Necklace

Fancy Color Diamond Necklace

5ct GIA Certified Fancy Deep Grayish Greenish Yellow Diamond

5ct GIA Certified Fancy Deep Grayish Greenish Yellow Diamond


If these catch your fancy, contact us today or come by our store and be among the chosen few who are lucky enough to own a famed green diamond!


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