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As always, time moves on and we've now entered the month of August – the month of the Peridot gemstone. The stone is named after the French word 'peritot', which means gold. Mined largely in Arizona, China, Myanmar and Pakistan, the small-sized peridot stones are most commonly used in beaded necklaces and bracelets. Although its color ranges from yellowish green to brown, the most favored shade is a bright lime green and an olive green.


What do we know about the peridot?

While reading up on this beautiful stone, we discovered that on the Zodiac calendar, the peridot represents Libra rather than Leo (which is what we'd expect of August!). Surprising, don't you think? There's a simple enough explanation for this...these gemstones were set to correspond to the zodiac signs in the time of Aaron and Moses rather than the calendar month system we follow today. Naturally, this makes us wonder...what else is there to know about this gemstone?


Getting to know the peridot

The peridot is considered one of the oldest gemstones known to man (since they now say that the emeralds on Aaron's breastplate were actually peridots, you can imagine just how long they've been around!). It is also on the list of gemstones that are said to possess healing powers.

Ancient Egyptians called it the "gem of the sun". It has also long been called an "evening emerald" thanks to its brilliant green appearance under artificial light. The peridot was said to glow with an inner fire that would illuminate it like a hot coal at night (which was also why they were looked for at night). Ancient Hawaiians believed that the stones were the hardened tears of the goddess Pele – the deity associated with fire, lightning and volcanoes.

Modern Age beliefs about this stone are that it its power clears ones thoughts, heals stress in relationships, lessens anger and jealousy, slowing ageing and helps sleep. The stone is also said to attract love, abundance, prosperity and power for its wearer. The brilliant green of the gem is still associated with light, vitality and growth, and is believed by many to be a stone that renews one's sense of self and purpose.


The legends behind the peridot gemstone

As with all birthstones, the Peridot also has myths and powers associated with it. Lore has always held that peridots have great magical powers. It was believed to dispel enchantments and drive off evil spirits. It was said that when set in gold, the gem developed its full power as a talisman and could protect against nightmares, thanks to its association with the sun which protected the wearer from the demons of the night. However, it was said that to achieve its greatest power, it had to be strung with the hair of a donkey and worn on the right arm.

Carving a donkey onto a piece of peridot was said to assist in the ancient skill of prophecy. Alternatively, engraving a totem or a vulture on the stone was said to allow the wearer control over the wind as well as several demonic spirits.

In Ancient Egypt, it was considered a spiritual stone and priests (especially those of Isis) would crush the stone and drink it during ceremonies as they believed it brought them closer to nature.

Medicinally, it was believed that cups or vessels made of peridot were used in healing as it increased the effectiveness of medicinal liquids drunk from them. In powdered form, peridot was believed a cure for asthma. Placing the stone under the tongue was also considered a remedy for a fever.


Choosing your peridot

It's always great to know there's something special that pertains to us...and for all August-borns, it's the peridot. As we enter your month, perhaps you would like to celebrate another year of triumphs and personal growth, and begin your next with your own peridot talisman – a call to prosperity and peace in the next step of your life's journey! Here are some pieces we have at CJ Charles that we think might just suit you:

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Bulgari Mediterranean Eden Yellow Gold Amethyst Necklace

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Bulgari Mediterranean Eden Yellow Gold Peridot Amethyst Diamond Earrings


If you like what you see or would like to know what your other options are, contact us or come by our store and we'll be happy to help you bring in your next year!


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