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Every woman loves diamonds, we all know that. "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" and all! But how much do you know about diamonds really? Especially colored diamonds! Take yellow diamonds – what are they? Where do they rank in the scale of all things diamond? How do you wear them? Why would you buy them?

These are questions you probably think of when you're contemplating your next diamond purchase. And since a little knowledge goes a long way, here's a few things you possibly didn't know about yellow diamonds.


What are yellow diamonds?

Fancy yellow diamonds are very popularly called canary diamonds, and are widely considered the beginning of the world's interest in fancy colored diamonds.

Now, just to clarify, not all yellow diamonds fall under "fancy". First off, diamonds get their colors from additional elements – nitrogen molecules being responsible for the yellow color. Based on the diamond-grading scale (D to Z), the closer one gets to Z, the more yellow a diamond appears...but this yellow also includes secondary colors like brown, orange and green. Fancy yellow diamonds (and other fancy color diamonds) have to show more color than a Z-rated diamond and are graded by nine color ratings.


Where do yellow diamonds stand against other diamonds?

If you consider simple yellow diamonds, the secondary tone determines how valuable they are. A yellow diamond with brownish tone will have a lower value as compared to one that is purely yellow. On the other hand, secondary tones of orange and green are quite rare and hence, make the diamond that much more valuable.

Yellow diamonds are color-graded as Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Dark, and Fancy Deep. As you'd expect, the closer you get to the vivid side of the grading scale, where the shade of yellow deepens, the more expensive your diamond is likely to be.


Wearing yellow diamonds

The finishing touch to all diamonds is the presentation – all the color in the world won't mean much if the diamonds aren't set with care! Nothing highlights the gorgeousness of yellow diamonds like yellow gold, although they are also set in other colors as well. But if aesthetics are the main criteria, go with a yellow gold setting...it's a natural look that still comes with a pop of color!


Why would you buy yellow diamonds?

In terms of availability, yellow diamonds are quite common and so, in the universe of fancy colored diamonds, fancy yellow diamonds are quite an affordable selection – especially for those who are just making an entry into the fancy colored diamond market. However, you should remember that if you're looking at fancy yellow diamonds, these are going to be more expensive than the regular yellow diamonds...and the more intense the hue, the more pricey it's likely to be.

One thing to keep in mind when buying yellow diamonds is that it's always recommended to get a GIA report on the yellow diamond you're purchasing, especially if it crosses 1 carat.

Let us know If you would like to learn more about yellow diamonds. CJ Charles Jewelers specializes in fancy color diamonds of all shades and hues. Our inventory is always changing, all of our yellow diamond jewelry can be found here. Some of our favorites are include:

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