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CJ Charles Jewelers carries the finest watch brands available. We are exceptionally proud to be the authorized dealer of Breguet, the namesake brand of Abraham-Louis Breguet, widely recognized as the father of modern-day horology. Among the long list of complications devoped or improved by Breguet, one of the most important and visually beautiful is the Tourbillon.


The Tourbillon

The Tourbillon (or windmill) was developed as a mechanism to protect the escapement from the effects of gravity, in order to come even closer to keeping perfect time. It's difficulty represents mastery in the art of watchmaking. Only the most technically proficient watchmakers will dare offer this complication. Today, Breguet offers over 30 different Tourbillon models, more than any other brand.

While today's collectors appreciate incremental improvements in timing, we have found that the true allure of the Tourbillon is in its beautiful movement. The different high complications, such as a Perpetual Calendar or Minute Repeater, have their charms; but nothing is as visually striking as a running Tourbillon mechanism.



Tourbillon Day 2014

Today represents the anniversary of Abraham-Louis Breguet registering the patent on the Tourbillon in 1801. After 200 years, this complication continues to represent the pinnacle of fine horology. We know many of our collectors consider their Tourbillon watches to be the most desirable pieces in their collections. As always, we have a number of different Tourbillon models in stock, and we invite you to consider the Breguet Tourbillon Tradition 7047.

The Breguet Tradition Tourbillon has an 18k rose gold fluted case band with skeletonized case front and back. The off centered dial, water resistance and separate Tourbillon suggests a contemporary styled timepiece perfect for today's gentleman. This watch features calibre 569 with a 50 hour power reserve hand wound movement.

CJ Charles Jewelers is happy to answer any questions you have about Breguet Tourbillon watches, please contact us or visit us in La Jolla today.


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