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There's no denying the subtle glamour all wrapped in a Cartier medium gold watch! Sure, the small versions are great too, but they're not for everyone. There's a reason people say "bigger is better"...wouldn't you agree?


The bracelet Cartier medium gold watch - a siren's call!

Times have changed...today, you'll be hard pressed to find a woman who's shy and retiring, who sits in a corner looking quietly pretty. What we do find is the bold, ambitious, the world is at my fingertips kind of woman  the kind who takes charge of herself and the world around her!

To such a woman, a bracelet Cartier medium gold watch is a siren's call that can't be ignored..that shouldn't be ignored! Because you know, and we know, that these gold bracelet watches are that nagging something-missing you could never put your finger on.


Ballon Bleu de Cartier

We know that you ladies are very fond of contrasts. There's something very appealing in heading out for a day of conquering the world dressed in that fabulous powerhouse suit and a completely whimsical watch! And could be more daintily airy-fairy than a pink gold Ballon Bleu de Cartier 33mm watch?

This graceful watch comes in an 18k pink gold case with a matching bracelet and fluted crown set with a blue sapphire cabochon. The 33mm diameter dial makes it much easier to admire the lovely lacquered silver opaline dial with its flinqué pattern of concentric, intersecting straight or wavy lines. This pattern is engraved by hand with a graver or using a machine with a rose-engine.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch, 33mm W6920068

Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch, 33mm W6920068


Tank Americaine

The Tank Americaine watches are perfect for women who want a presence in their watch without giving up their wrists for it! This pink gold Tank Americaine Medium model achieves that elusive blend of size and sleekness, the kind that you usually imagine in jaguars (the car and the cat!). A powerfully elegant watch for a woman who's exactly like that!

This slinky number comes in an 18k pink gold case and bracelet, with an 18k pink gold octagonal crown set with a sapphire. Like the Ballon Bleu, this watch's dial is also a silver flinqué but as a bonus, thanks to its length, this watch also has a date aperture at 6 o'clock. We always knew there's more to play with when you move up in size!

Cartier Tank Americaine watch, medium model W2620032

Cartier Tank Americaine watch, medium model W2620032


So tell us, ladies...why should you deny yourself the pleasure of looking down at your wrist every now and again and knowing that you're wearing a leading name in luxury and elegance? Why deny yourself the glamour of Cartier?

Contact us or breeze into CJ Charles Jewelers today to pick up one of these watches. The siren calls...it's time to answer!


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