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There are emeralds, and then there are Colombian emeralds. Our desire for this gorgeous green gem can be traced back thousands of years, and it shows no signs of dying out! While emeralds are mined the world over, Colombia emeralds are known as the best.


What are Colombian emeralds?

By now, you're probably wondering what Colombian emeralds are and what the big deal is. Quite simply speaking, Colombian emeralds are considered the purest emeralds in the world. The emeralds from Colombia's three traditional mines differ slightly in hue, but all have the vivid saturated color that characterizes the finest Colombian emeralds.

To really appreciate these emeralds however, we must first understand two aspects by which these green gems are identified.


Colombian Emeralds – the color classification

Like with diamonds and rubies, emerald colors are also classified by names like Colombian, Zambian, Sandawana and Brazilian. A Colombian emerald, in this respect, refers to the finest emerald color found in the best stones mined from Colombia – a slight bluish green. These stones have a medium to medium-dark tone (the intensity of the color) and strong to vivid saturation (the purity of the color, without other hues mixed in).


Colombian Emeralds – location-specific classification

As expected, Colombian emeralds are those mined in Colombia. A point to note is that while emeralds are mined from igneous rock in most of the world, Colombia is the only place on earth where the emerald deposits are in sedimentary rock. Although impurities are inherent to all emeralds, sedimentary rock contains a saline solution that washes out these impurities...and that's what gives Colombian emeralds their famed purity!


What to look for in your Colombian emeralds

When considering the emerald individually, its value stems from its color, size, purity and brilliance. Of course, since it's an emerald, it's really all about the color! Besides the bluish green, emeralds also come in shades of slightly bluish green, very slightly bluish green, slightly yellowish green, and deep green. Of these, deep green is the most beautiful and most rare – found only in the deepest depths of Colombia (naturally!). And we already know how pure these emeralds are.

Of course, the color can also be influenced by the cut of the emerald. The cutter can influence the color by adjusting the emerald's proportions and number of facets. In the case of Colombian emeralds especially, they have to be particularly careful since the color is more intense closer to the surface – without proper planning and execution, the final stone may very well be lighter than the original rough piece!

If you're looking to buy a bit of green fire for yourself, perhaps you'd like a place to start. Here, at CJ Charles, we have a Colombian Emerald Bypass Ring, a pair of Colombian Natural Emerald and Diamond Drop Earrings, and a pair of Natural Colombian and Fancy Color Diamond Earrings.

Colombian Emerald Bypass Ring

Colombian Emerald Bypass Ring

Colombian Natural Emerald and Diamond Drop Earrings

Colombian Natural Emerald and Diamond Drop Earrings

Natural Colombian Emerald and Fancy Color Diamond Earrings

Natural Colombian Emerald and Fancy Color Diamond Earrings


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