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Service and Watch Repair  appointments are extremely important to keep your timepiece running well. You already know that your Panerai was made to last, let our on-site Panerai Authorized Service Center do its best to keep them in perfect working order.


When do you need Service and Watch Repair?

Just like you take your car in for routine checkups, you need to do the same for your Panerai. In general, a fine watch like a Panerai can last for generations when properly maintained. Watch manufacturers recommend that your watch should be cleaned and overhauled every three to five years to mitigate the effects of friction on the gears and to maintain lubrication. Apart from routine checkups, your mechanical watch needs servicing when it begins to function irregularly, such as gaining or losing time or stopping altogether, or when its parts need replacement. When getting an estimate on cost and time, it helps for you to have details of when you purchased the watch and when it was last serviced.


What does servicing involve?

Cleaning is pretty clear, but what exactly is an overhaul? An overhaul is an extensive maintenance procedure wherein the entire watch is disassembled and every piece of your Panerai's case, movement and bracelet / strap is examined, cleaned and / or replaced, polished and then reassembled. Doing this routinely keeps the mechanism dust, dirt and moisture-free. The reassembled watch is then tested to ensure its integrity with respect to manufacturer specifications and time-keeping. Having an authorized service center make repairs is crucial for fine watches. In an effort to increase quality control, manufactures no longer supply unauthorized watch repair shops with replacement parts. These unauthorized shops are then forced to use generic movement parts when conducting routine servicing. These generic parts will definitely lower the value of your timepiece and may cause movements to not function properly. Authorized service centers such as ours always source genuine parts from Panerai when replacing parts.


Where do you go for watch repair and service

Especially given the high-end nature of Panerai watches, attempting to repair it yourself is definitely not recommended. What you need to do is to locate an authorized service center specializing in repairing Panerai watches. The CJ Charles repair center in La Jolla, San Diego is situated in full view from the La Jolla Panerai Boutique showroom...there is nothing like highly trained watchmakers in an in-house service center to streamline the entire process! For servicing and repair work, besides sourcing parts from the manufacturer, they are also authorized to fabricate them on-site, as required. All these parts are fully insured by CJ Charles, so you can have full confidence in the quality of the materials and services your Panerai is being treated to! If you feel your Panerai is due for service, now is the time you had it checked over! Visit the CJ Charles repair center today or contact us for an estimate.


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    I own a vintage Omega Speedmaster Professional, it was purchased around 1975.
    Would your company be able to clean and overhaul it? if so, about how much would it cost me?


    Arthur Hernandez, Jr.

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