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Let's get to know the Breitling Montbrillant. What does the Montbrillant series have to offer that's different from the pieces we've got to know so far? As a member of the Breitling family, these watches do embody the hallmark characteristics - precision, performance and power. What gives them that discreet difference is its appearance - an undertone of class and formality. The Breitling Montbrilliant is an excellent choice for La Jolla and San Diego, the combination of performance and style is perfect for any occasion.


Why you want the Breitling Montbrillant

Progress is a wonderful thing but the classics are eternal - and the Breitling Montbrillant is a classic. These watches are perfect for the men of many avatars - corporate hotshot by day, style-savvy man about town by night, and action-packed roadtriper over the weekend. As versatile as your life and style is, the Breitling Montbrillant will match you every step of the way - a watch for all seasons, a watch for all times!

Since nothing classic is a one-size-fits-all, we need to find the point where who you are meets what the Montbrillant is, and let the magic happen!


Montbrillant 01

The Montbrillant 01 is a new twist on the original Montbrillant chronograph; it was the first series-produced model to be introduced with a Manufacture Breitling Caliber 01, guaranteeing brilliant performance and reliability. Sized at 40mm in diameter, these watches are a great fit, especially for men with medium-sized wrists. Let's be honest, it's a small number who can carry off a 46mm watch, and the Monbrillant 01 gives you options that do the job, look great, and don't make it seem like you may have borrowed it from your friendly neighborhood considerably larger retired Navy pilot!. So the question is, what look in the Montbrillant 01 suits you best?

One thing you'll love about this watch - its clean dial with a red central ring, which gives it that element of understated class and elegance. Housed in a steel case, this Mercury silver dial comes paired with a Croco strap and tang-type buckle, a steel Air Racer bracelet, a leather strap and tang-type buckle, or a steel Navitimer bracelet. In an 18k rose gold case, it is paired with an 18k rose gold Air Racer bracelet, or a Croco strap and an 18k rose gold tang-type buckle.

If you like the look but want color, there are new versions of this series. Sporting an Aurora blue dial, it comes in a steel case with a steel Navitimer bracelet (a limited edition piece); and in an 18k rose gold case with a Croco strap and an 18k rose gold tang-type buckle. If you want color and shine, then the DiamondWorks pieces are for you - the Aurora blue dial comes housed in a steel case with a Croco strap and tang-type buckle, and in an 18k rose gold case with a Croco strap and an 18k rose gold tang-type buckle.

The best and most distinguishing feature of this watch? A case back embossed with a medallion depicting the Montbrillant building that used to house Breitling's workshops, truly stunning in its detail! You know you want this watch - for the look, the prestige, and the added satisfaction of finally learning how to use that slide rule!



Montbrillant 47 Blacksteel - Boutique Preview

The Montbrillant 47 Blacksteel is a limited edition series available in, as the name suggests, 47mm black steel. With a case that blends seamlessly into the bracelet, this watch enhances its stand as a style statement with flowing and balanced lines - a smooth operator!

If you want the classic but want to stand apart from the crowd as well, then this watch is the one for you - if you're lucky enough to get your hands on one of these 2,000 pieces! This sinful creation – and there's something decadently sinful about anything black – comes in a black steel case with a black dial, rubber strap and pushbutton folding clasp.

The Montbrillant 47 Blacksteel is the perfect accompaniment.


Montbrillant Datora

The Montbrillant Datora series of watches are a tribute to the Breitling Datora watches which were bestsellers in the 1940s. A distinguishing factor in this chronograph is its complete calendar, which has a unique way of displaying the date - in a feat of mechanical ingenuity, the day and month are displayed in side-by-side apertures, while a half-moon center pointer displays the date around the dial.

Along with this, the Breilting 21 Caliber 43mm chronograph comes with an aviation slide rule, a tachymeter and two other distinctive features - a caseback engraved with the different time zones and a second hour display in 24-hour format on the dial, referred to as "military time". Now when we think military, words like precision, performance, accuracy and discipline come to mind - which is everything that this watch offers in every way!

That being said, let's dive into what you have in the way of options! Available in a steel case, you can choose between a black dial and a steel Navitimer or Air Racer bracelet, a Panamerican bronze dial and croco strap with a tang-type buckle, and a Mercury silver dial with a steel Navitimer bracelet.

So, if you're a stickler for looks matching abilities, and better still, if you're a fan of the original Datora series, then this is the watch for you!



We know and you know that your wardrobe is going to be woefully incomplete without a Breitling Montbrillant. So, if you need help choosing the one that works for you, contact us or check it out in person at CJ Charles Jewelers.


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