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Heard of the Breitling Chronospace Automatic? This watch is a dream come true for pilots; although, who says it's reserved for them alone? There are many men out there who pitt themselves against nature; who are passionate about the intricate, exquisite machinery in fast cars and fine watches; who enjoy the thrill of living life their way and at their speed. You're a man's man and you want a MAN's watch! The Chronospace Automatic is that watch. Getting to know the Chronospace Automatic Your life is about action, performance and precision, and looking good while you do it; and that's exactly what you get with this creation. The first thing that catches your eye about the Chronospace Automatic is the size; with a 46mm diameter, you know you're wearing a heavy-duty timepiece! Then of course, there's the mechanical brilliance in its engineering. It guarantees extreme precision of time display and short-time movements thanks to its self-winding chronograph movement. Water-resistant to 660 ft., it has a power reserve of 42 hours minimum and comes with square hour-markers, large 12 o’clock numeral and oversized hands, all of which are accentuated with luminescent coating to ensure maximum visibility, whatever the conditions. This technological marvel comes beautifully packaged in a rugged steel case with a star-shaped cutout, which makes it easy to use even while wearing gloves. Let's consider a new twist on a standard function: an alarm on a watch is pretty par for the course but the addition that Breitling has made in the Chronospace Automatic is a double sectioned caseback, which can amplify the alarm to 90 decibels. You definitely need that kind of volume if you're the adventurous sort - those activities are rarely quiet! Pilot or not, the Chronospace Automatic has been designed for the tough men of the world, and it will be at home on your wrist whether you're climbing that mountain, rappelling down a cliff-face, skydiving, or enjoying a post-adventure beer! Picture the Chronospace Automatic on your wrist Remember, rugged doesn't mean functional and boring. The Chronospace Automatic allows you to combine performance and appearance - and there are several appearances to choose from. You can choose between a Volcano black dial with a Professional III or Aero Classic bracelet in steel, a Tungsten gray dial with an Ocean Racer strap and push-button folding clasp, and a Gun Blue dial with an Aero Classic bracelet in steel. [gallery ids="399,400,398"] If you're very discerning, there's also a limited edition version that comes in a black steel case with a Volcano black dial and an Aero Classic bracelet in black steel. And if these don't satisfy your tastes, you can get a made-to-measure Chronospace Automatic wherein you can choose your combination of case, dial and strap. So the question is, are you ready to bring the Breitling Chronospace Automatic into your life? Contact us today if you have any questions or if you'd like to own your own piece of perfection!


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