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What do you do when something breaks? Resist the urge to throw it away. We know so many things seem to break as soon as a newer version comes out, but your timepieces can almost always brought back. While there are many good reasons for electronics to need replacing every 18 months, when it comes to watches and jewelry, repairs and regular service will maintain them for a lifetime or more. Most watch repair falls under the regular service category. CJ Charles Jewelers carries A. Lange & SohneBreitling WatchesBvlgariCartier WatchesChanel WatchesJaeger-LeCoultre, and Officine Panerai. We choose these brands we for several reasons, especially their pride in manufacture and their uncompromising demands on the quality of their products. All types of watch movements from a quartz to a high complication are checked over for their quality and level of finishing. Manufacturers hint to the level of perfection inside the case with their choice of finishes for the outside. A intricate enamel dial, or a carefully carved buckle can provide a collector with a clue about the watchmakers level of expertise and skill even if the watch is not skelletonized. Our sales team is happy to point out these embelleshments. Manufacturers suggest that watches should be cleaned every few years. Routine servicing keeps watches running for years by cleaning out the buildup of oils and dust. Aside from routine cleaning, the CJ Charles Jewelers watchmakers are experts at fixing disasters. Watches in the washing machine, watches run over by a car, watches forgotten at the bottom of a golf bag for several years- and all have been brought back to look brand new. We take tremendous pride in returning your items to you in perfect condition. We know that the happier someone is with their jewelry and watch purchases, the more likely they will add to their collection. If you have any questions about the service center or would like to talk to the service manager, contact us today.


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